Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 14th June 2022 Written Update: Katha refuses to abort her baby


Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 14th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Uma and her daughter on the way to the hospital. Katha recalls how Rohan cheated her. She sees Rohan roaming with another girl through the window of the bus. She thinks why he cheats on her. She gets a vomiting sensation. They getting down from the bus. Manu tells them she forgot to get the bottle. Uma asks who will help us here. Kabir comes in that way, he notices someone is in problem and sends a water bottle with his driver. Katha drinks water and turns to the car side. Kabir closes the door and leaves.

Uma reaches to hospital with her daughter. Manu says it might be the correct decision. The doctor checks Katha’s condition. Uma asks her to abort the baby. They take Katha to the operation theatre. Katha’s inner self confronts her and says you’re a hypocrite to punish the baby for Rahul’s mistake and won’t you give birth to this baby as you loved Rahul and if you abort your baby then you can never motivate other ladies.

The doctor is about to give her an injection. Katha comes out from the operation theatre. Uma asks if everything is done. Katha recalls how she stops the abortion procedure. Katha tells Uma that this baby is part of my soul and I can’t abort this baby. Uma says people will call this baby illegitimate so agree to this abortion. Katha says my baby doesn’t need a father’s name and I will raise my baby with my name. Uma says your mind is spoiled and I won’t listen to your explanation and you need to abort this baby.

Katha tries to pour phenyl water into the plant. Uma stops her telling her it may die. Katha says you care for everyone and that’s what I want you to feel and my baby is a love symbol for me like you feel me and Manu. Uma asks Manu to explain to her sister that we can’t face society and you guys won’t get married. Manu asks Uma to understand Katha’s version too. Uma says how to tell you that the upcoming way is too tough. She asks Katha to understand. Doctor asks them to keep their discussion outside.

Bus stops at some halt. Uma sees couple are discussing months. Manu takes Katha to have something. Uma goes to Katha and tells her that she can keep the baby if she gets married. Katha says she can’t cheat anyone. Uma asks who will marry a pregnant woman? Everyone will point at my upbringing. Katha says she can’t go against her values. Uma tries to leave in tears. Manu and Katha hug her and tells they will get some way. Uma tells they need to visit Naini maa temple.

Episode ends.

Precap – Uma prays Naini maa. Kabir and Katha save Diya.

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