Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 15th July 2022 Written Update: Kabir makes his sisters prepare dupatta for Katha


Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 15th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kishore saying to Yash that Baba asked them to prepone the marriage. Yash asks what happens if they didn’t get ancestral chunni. Kishore and Yash notice half burnt chunni. Yash asks who’s work it might be. Manu informs Katha and Uma that ancestral chunni is burnt. Uma says she is worried. Savitri scolds Yuvraj and says all the brides of Shekavat’s family have worn this chunni and tell me what we have to answer Uma Ji.

Yuvraj says he doesn’t want to disturb the photoshoot. Kabir scolds Yuvraj for not giving ancestral chunni to Katha. Yuvraj apologizes to him. Manju asks who might burn that dupatta? Deepa says they have to reach mandap. Madhu says it’s a sign of the Goddess that this marriage and timing are not good. Yuvraj agrees with her and asks them to postpone the marriage. Chacha also agrees. Savitri says she is not understanding what to do. She scolds Yuvraj for spoiling everything. Yuvraj apologises to them. Kabir asks him to not worry.

Manu on call asks her mom to not worry as I reached Jiju’s house. Madhu says let’s postpone the marriage. Uma hears it and feels dizzy. Katha asks her what happened. Uma in tears says this marriage is getting halted. Katha says Kabir will settle the issue and I trust him and even if I didn’t marry then also I won’t let you face the humiliation. Friends of Yuvraj say he fooled them easily. Yuvraj says he is really guilty and I know Kabir loves Katha and he won’t leave her easily.

Kabir places a piece of their ancestral Dupatta. Kabir asks Deepa to redesign the dupatta with the remaining piece so Katha will wear this chunar and I will marry her with our tradition. Yuvraj says it’s not their tradition. Kabir says we can continue our tradition by remodeling it with our mom’s wedding dupatta so Katha can enter here as mom’s shadow. Everyone agrees.

Manju asks Yuvraj to smile as Kabir is doing everything to correct your mistake. Manu feels happy. Yuvraj looks helpless when his sisters are preparing a dupatta. Manju handovers dupatta to Kabir. Kabir asks Manu to give it to Katha. Manu leaves telling him he is the best Jiju. Savitri asks everyone to get ready for marriage.

Kabir on video call asks Uma to not worry. He assures her he will marry Katha. Uma asks what about dupatta. Someone rings the calling bell. He asks Uma to open the door to get her answer. Uma opens the door. They feel happy seeing the dupatta bring by Manu. Manyata says Kabir is a magician and he made a new dupatta with his mom’s wedding dupatta. Katha’s cousin and Manu praise Kabir. Uma says to Kabir that he is the best and came into their life as a blessing.

Episode ends.

Precap – Yuvraj burns Katha’s photo and decides to stop the marriage.

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