Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 18th July 2022 Written Update: Kabir reaches the marriage venue with Baraat


Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 18th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Katha feeling happy seeing the chunar. Manu and her cousin tell Katha that she is lucky to get Kabir. Uma asks them to get Katha ready as anytime Baarat will be here. Tony asks Yuvraj if he think of any way to stop the marriage as Baarat is about to start. Yuvraj says he won’t let this marriage happen. Manu makes Katha wear the chunar. She tells her she will be with Kabir in half an hour.

Katha’s cousin tells her that she will be mad seeing the decorations as we never saw this kind of grand wedding in Nainital. Tony asks Yuvraj what’s his plan. Yuvraj goes towards the mandap. Katha receives Kabir’s call. Manu teases Katha. She leaves with her cousin giving space to Katha.

Katha attends the call. Kabir asks if she is sad about recent happenings and doubts that this marriage won’t happen. Katha says I trust you and I know you will find a way. She thanks him. Kabir says there is no place for thank you in their relationship.

Katha says she will take time to carry on in this relationship but I can never forget the way you send me this chunar. Kabir asks if she wore chunar. Katha agrees. He asks her to show how she is looking in a video call. Katha says sorry, and mom says it’s inauspicious if the groom saw the bride before marriage. Kabir says ok, I can’t take another inauspicious event so I will see you in the mandap. He cuts the call.

Tony asks what’s Yuvraj plan is. Yuvraj says he is going to break the mandap to stop this wedding. Savitri asks Deepa to get Kabir ready quickly. Madhu asks her husband to walk with her brother with a sword. Yash says he may call Kishore. Madhu says he won’t. That time Kabir calls Kishore. Yash and Madhu get disappointed.

Kabir tells Yash that he will do this ritual during Yuvraj’s marriage and asks him to not feel bad. Yash agrees. Kabir and others search for Yuvraj. He calls Yuvraj. Yuvraj tells him he is busy with preparations and tells him that he welcomes his baarat. Kabir warns him to be with him in the marriage. Tony asks Yuvraj what if someone sees a cutting machine in his hand. Yuvraj asks his friends to come with him.

Baarat gets started. Kabir thinks his family is happy and their happiness will increase with Katha’s entry. Yuvraj asks his friends to deactivate CCTV like they did in Nainital. Devraj comes to Yuvraj and asks him to join the baarat telling he will take care of stage decorations.

Yuvraj leaves in disappointment. His friend on call informs Yuvraj that he deactivated CCTV. Yuvraj calls him to the mandap. Yuvraj sees pillars under mandap and tells his friends that he will cut all pillars and before the marriage, the stage will get collapsed. Yuvraj cuts one pillar. His friends call him out saying it’s creating so much noise and baraat has arrived. Uma prays to Goddess in tension.

Katha asks her to not worry as nothing goes wrong when your blessings are with me. Savitri calls Uma ji to welcome the groom. Uma asks Naini Jaa to not break her trust. Yuvraj says he has to break the mandap. He asks Tony to take out all guests outside. Tony asks him to take out all the guests and assures him that they will cut the nuts.

Yuvraj takes out everyone to Baarat. Uma welcomes Kabir. Pandit ties the thread to Kabir and sends another thread to Katha with Manju. Yuvraj welcomes his brother. He hugs his brother and thinks sorry Bhai I won’t let this marriage happen as you won’t forgive me if you find out what I did to Katha which I can’t bear.

Episode ends.

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