Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 23rd September 2022 Written Update:


Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 23rd September 2022 Written Update on

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The episode starts with Katha saying I love you, Kabir, hoping that I didn’t express it lately. Kabir signs no. He says I love you too and sorry. He says he didn’t even think how she bears Yuvraj’s presence. Katha asks him to forget it as he finds the truth. Kabir asks why she didn’t tell him. Katha says I’m worried about you but now you’re fine that matters to me and I withdrew the complaint too. Kabir gets shocked learning it. Katha says family members said you went into a coma because of him and he will bring your out so. Kabir angrily goes to Yuvraj’s room. Yuvraj asks if he is fine.

Kabir holds his collar and takes him downstairs in anger. Yuvraj asks what’s he doing. Kabir slaps Yuvraj. Madhu asks what’s he doing. Kabir says he took advantage of my love but now he will face the consequences and he will get his punishment for his crime. Savitri says I’m with you. Kabir says I will make him get punished. Police enter the house. Yuvraj is taken away by police, he pulls a gun from the inspector and takes Katha at gunpoint. Everyone gets shocked.

Kabir asks everyone to move back. He asks Yuvraj to leave Katha. Uma feels worried. Yuvraj shuts them. He says I always respected you brother but you insulted me and you decided to send me to jail for this rubbish girl. Kabir says you’re rubbish for using girls like dolls and you’re impotent. Yuvraj says I’m not and Katha’s baby is proof of it. Katha gets angry. Savitri asks why he is talking at a low level. Kishore asks him to not do any mistakes otherwise he will be jailed. Yuvraj says he will go to jail killing Katha. Kabir tries to stop Yuvraj but Yuvraj didn’t leave the gun. Family members plead with Yuvraj to not harm Kabir. Yuvraj doesn’t listen. Kabir makes Yuvraj drop the gun. Gun falls near Katha’s feet. Kabir pushes Yuvraj. Yuvraj takes the knife and points it at Kabir’s neck.

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