Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 25th July 2022 Written Update: Katha and Yuvraj come across each other


Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 25th July 2022 Written Update on
The episode starts with Kabir noticing Yuvraj in his office. He says you’re near mandap right. Yuvraj in tears thinks he might find the truth. Kabir says I know that you’re here as you linked our names and wrote it here on the wall and you come here whenever you’re low. He says I’m not blaming you as mandap mishap might happen because of our enemy’s mistake too. Yuvraj asks won’t he feel he did it. Kabir says he can’t even think it in his dreams and I trust you and I know you won’t break my trust. Yuvraj thinks thank God Kabir didn’t find the truth.

Kabir says I’m not blaming you in this matter but you did wrong in your Bhabhi matter. So let’s leave as she is waiting for us. Yuvraj asks who? Kabir says your Bhabhi, I left her at the doorstep so promise on me that you won’t miss any ritual from here onwards. Yuvraj thinks how can he promise it. Kabir says he won’t leave if he won’t promise him. Yuvraj promises to be with him in every ritual. Kabir takes him.

Savitri apologises to Katha from Kabir’s side. Katha says she can understand Kabir’s care for Yuvraj. Madhu tells her husband that so much drama in all rituals. Kabir makes Yuvraj fall at Katha’s feet. He asks her to punish the culprit. He asks Yuvraj to show his face. Katha gets shocked and says, Rahul. She asks Kabir if he finds him.

Savitri asks her to punish her culprit. Katha asks how Maasa knows what happened to me. Kabir says twist his ears and tells him that you can set him and it’s strange that Dewar and Bhabhi are meeting after marriage and he is my strength and weakness, he is my brother Yuvraj Shekhawat. Katha gets shocked. She thinks Yuvraj lied to her about his family too.

Kabir says Yuvraj is silent infront of his bhabhi. Everyone says Katha has to set Yuvraj. Katha gets angry recalling what he did to her. Kabir says two important people in my life are meeting each other. He asks why they are silent. Katha feels dizzy and sits on the sofa. Kabir asks if she is fine. Savitri asks the servant to get food.

Yuvraj thinks he will be booked if she reveals his truth. Kabir asks Katha what happened. He sends Yuvraj to get water. Yuvraj forwards water I fear. Kabir takes the glass. Katha refuses to drink the water. She stands up in anger. Savitri asks if she is fine. She asks Manju to do arrangements for Gruh Pravesh. Kabir asks can she do Gruh Pravesh. Katha agrees.

Manju and Madhu stop them. Manju tells she won’t allow them until they get answers. Manju asks Katha if she can lead the kitchen. Katha says you can as I want to learn from you. Neelam and her Mom in law discuss issues will arise in the house with daughter in law entry. Manju asks why they married in a rushed way. Katha says Kabir wants to marry her quickly and he trusts their bond.

Manju asks won’t she have confidence. Kabir says she can’t question more. Savitri agrees and does their Grah Pravesh. She asks Katha to enter home by promising her that she won’t let any differences arise between the house realtionships. Katha thinks about how to give a promise when Kabir’s brother is my culprit.

Episode ends.

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