Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 26th July 2022 Written Update: Yuvraj shares his fear with Tony and Bhushan


Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 26th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Savitri saying the real assets of the house are the relations, promise me you won’t let the relations shatter. Katha thinks how shall I give this promise to Maasa, Kabir has a deep relationship with the person who is my culprit. Madhu asks Katha, what happened? Not able to move as you saw this kind of house in your life for the first time. Savitri controls Madhu. She asks Katha to do her Griha Pravesh.

 Kabir holds Katha’s hand. He says our new beginnings are about to begin. Katha smiles and enters the house kicking the rice pot. Everyone showers rose petals on them. Yuvraj feels frustrated. Savitri asks Katha to walk inside by placing her feet in kumkum water. Katha is about to trip seeing Yuvraj but Kabir supports her. Madhu says no ritual in this marriage can happen without drama. Kabir helps Katha to walk inside.

 Yuvraj sees footsteps marks of Katha and thinks how to save himself as Katha reached his place. He intentionally drops water to erase Katha’s footsteps. Manju scolds him then she says Katha’s footprints are not erased and it’s proved that Katha will win over Yuvraj.

Savitri asks Katha and Kabir to take Kalka maa blessings. Kabir prays Kalka maa to make him find the culprit of Katha to get him punished. He prays Maa to make Katha mingle easily with his family. Neelam says let’s take a group photo. Savitri says first Yuvraj needs to apologise to Kabir and Katha. Kabir says, Yuvraj has done wrong with his bhabhi, now apologize to your bhabhi by touching her feet. Yash asks why they are behind Yuvraj.

Manju says it’s normal. She says there is no Shame in touching her feet. She asks him to do it. Yuvraj thinks he has to behave normally. He touches Kabir’s feet then he touches Katha’s feet. Katha moves back. Kabir asks if she is fine. Katha says she is fine. Kabir hugs Yuvraj and says I know you won’t do intentional mistakes so let’s start a fresh start. Katha looks on.

Devraj takes a group photo. He asks Neelam to come near. Neelam moves then Yuvraj touches Katha’s shoulder then she pushes him away. Kabir and Savitri ask why she pushes him. Yuvraj covers it saying he stepped on her feet. Kabir checks her feet. He asks if she is feeling pain. Katha tells she is fine. Madhu says first day itself she makes our brother hold her feet. Savitri asks Kabir to stand up.

Next Manju asks Kabir and Katha to search for the ring in the milk vessel. Kabir searches for the ring happily. He notices Katha is lost in her thoughts. He makes Katha get the ring. Manju teases Yuvraj saying Katha is going to get the attention of Kabir from here onwards. Kabir says Katha and Yuvraj have a good bond too. Deepa takes Yuvraj to Kabir’s room. She asks Yuvraj and his friends to decorate Kabir’s room for the first night to cover his previous mistakes and to impress his Bhabhi.

Tony asks what happens if Katha sees him. Yuvraj says she saw me and she is angry at me and my truth may come out soon. Tony asks Yuvraj to settle the matter by talking to her. Yuvraj says he can’t face her and he is worried as Katha may reveal about him to anyone at any moment. Yuvraj comes out and sees Katha with a stick. Tony and Bhushan look worried seeing the way she is looking at Yuvraj.

Episode ends.

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