Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 28th July 2022 Written Update: Kabir insists on Yuvraj for hot chocolate


Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 28th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kabir saying today I won’t stop you from crying but I’m promising you that I will fill your life with happiness so you don’t have space for tears. Kabir lifts her in his arms. He takes her to the bathroom. He tells it’s his favorite place where they can spend time with themselves to get relaxed. He plays instrumental music. She asks won’t he angry with her. Kabir nods no, he tells her he will stay outside and asks her to call him if she needs him or felt scared.

 Kabir writes something in his diary. Katha cries recalling Kabir’s brother is the one who cheated on her. She asks Naini maa why she did it, Kabir doesn’t deserve it and I can’t break Kabir’s heart by telling him that his brother is the one who cheated on me. Katha falls to the ground in tears saying what she has to do when the path is tough. Kabir sleeps on the sofa thinking Katha needs alone time.

Savitri removes her jewellery. She asks her daughter to take their jewellery for the next day as it’s Haryali teez. Manju tells her mom that she will prepare maal pua. Deepa says the day after tomorrow Gadha can start her rasoi ritual otherwise it’s competition with you. Manju says Katha can’t defeat her. Deepa asks Madhu what she will prepare. Madhu says don’t know how they are happy with this marriage. Savitri asks her to sleep and doesn’t give attention to her words. Kabir wakes up hearing thunder.

He notices it’s so late. He goes to the washroom and notices Katha sleeping on the floor. He lifts her and makes her sleep in the bed. Kabir thinks what happens to her post-Grah Pravesh. He decides to fill Katha heart with happiness. He places Naini maa in her hand. He tells sleeping Katha to never feel alone as Naini maa is with her. Katha’s hand places on Kabir’s hand. He adjusts her hand and covers her with a duvvet and turns off the light. He sleeps on the sofa.

Yuvraj couldn’t sleep recalling Katha’s behavior with him. Katha wakes up hearing a thunder sound. She notices Kabir. She turns to drink water but recalls Yuvraj. Yuvraj thinks what’s Katha’s plan, if she came to take revenge then why she didn’t expose me infront of Kabir? Katha thinks she has to find from Yuvraj why he cheated on her. Yuvraj thinks tomorrow she may expose him as she dares to shove me in front of everyone. Katha comes out.

Yuvraj also comes out but hides seeing Madhu. Madhu leaves taking food from the fridge. Tony receives Yuvraj’s call. Yuvraj tells them he is feeling scared. Tony tells him he needs to face the problem. Yuvraj asks them to return to his place telling them he needs them. They agree. Katha finds Yuvraj. Yuvraj feels tensed.

Kabir asks what are they doing in the darkness. He turns on the light. Kabir asks Katha to not trust Yuvraj’s innocent face. He asks if she is hungry as the bride and Groom won’t have food at the wedding. He asks Yuvraj to prepare hot chocolate for them. Yuvraj tells him he is going to meet his friends.

 Kabir asks him to tell his friends that he will come tomorrow and still your bhabhi is angry so cool her down. Yuvraj tells him he will come. Kabir and Katha wait in the kitchen. Yuvraj prepares hot chocolate. Kabir asks Yuvraj if he did any mistake as he is not able to meet his eyes. Yuvraj says not in that way. Kabir asks Yuvraj to not add sugar to Katha’s hot chocolate.

Episode ends.

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