Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 2nd August 2022 Written Update: Kishore organizes Dumb shell arts game


Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 2nd August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Deepa making Ravi meet Katha. Ravi says sorry to Katha for not attending their marriage and gives her a gift. Kishore tells Kabir that he knows that he is worried for Katha. Kabir says yes, it’s not good if she keeps fast. He hides one chikki. Deepa takes Ravi to show the decorations she did.

Kabir says to Katha that his phone is missing and asks Katha to help him to search the phone. Neelam says they understand that he wants to spend time with Katha. Manju asks them to take their time. Yuvraj thinks to himself he doesn’t understand what he has to do with Katha. Tony and Bhushan call him and ask why he made them wait in outside. Yuvraj says so much happened. He asks them to wait near his car so they can discuss some plans.

Yash notices Madhu upset and asks what happened. Madhu says why noone is noticing that Katha has some problem. Yash says Yuvraj is not happy with this marriage. He looks so disturbed. Katha searches for Kabir’s phone and tells him that his phone is nowhere. Kabir locks the door. She asks why he locked the door. Kabir says it’s for some urgent work. He asks her to promise him to not tell anyone about the matter which is going to happen between them. Katha looks tense. He pins her to the wall.

 Katha asks what’s the matter. Kabir says it’s secret and shows her the peanut chikki. He tells he can’t see his baby hungry. Katha says she has no problem and tells him that she wants to keep this fast for his wellbeing. Kabir asks what about their baby. Katha says she will break the fast if Baby has any problem. Kabir kisses her hand and thanks her for thinking about his wellbeing. Katha says let’s leave as everyone is waiting for us. Kabir agrees.

Kabir calls Yuvraj and asks him where is he leaving. Yuvraj tells him he is leaving to distribute the sweets. Kabir asks him to return soon. Yuvraj leaves. Yash thinks what’s the problem between Katha and Yuvraj. Ravi sees Deepa is getting angry. He tells Kishore that she is hungry. Kishore says they have to divert the attention. Kishore gathers everyone and announces for Dumb shell arts game. Manju gives a name to Kishore. He enacts but noone guesses the name. Next, it’s Deepa’s turn.

Bhushan and Tony enter inside with sweet boxes. Katha recognizes them and learns that they are friends of Yuvraj whom he arranged to tease her. Gunjan guesses the name. Yuvraj asks them for the key. Everyone asks Yuvraj to play with them. Yuvraj denies but Kabir asks him to do it. Yuvraj agrees. Deepa asks Kabir and Katha to play.

Katha slips but Kabir holds her. Everyone smiles seeing them. Kishore asks them to play the game. Katha gives name to Kabir. Kabir enacts. Yuvraj guesses the name that me chup nahi rahungi ( I won’t keep quiet). Everyone claps. Yuvraj realizes what she meant. He stands shocked.

Episode ends.

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