Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 3rd August 2022 Written Update: Yuvraj gets petrified by Katha’s questions


Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 3rd August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kabir enacting the name. Yuvraj guesses the name that Mei Chup Nahi Rahungi. Katha says you guessed it correctly I won’t keep quiet. Yuvraj gets tensed. Kabir and Kishore thank him for making them get a point. Yash and Deepa ask why she gave a simple name to him. Yuvraj leaves saying he has work. Katha thinks he can’t escape for long. She feels dizzy. Kabir makes her sit. Kishore says in this situation fasting is not good. Neelam asks what situation. Kishore manages to say a tiring situation because of marriage. Kabir asks her to drink juice but denies it. Madhu tells Manju that won’t she feel suspicious as she is always feeling dizzy. Manju says she is new here so it takes some time for her.

Tony and Bhushan say Katha won’t leave him. Yuvraj says she confronted me and I told her that I don’t know her. Tony says she won’t stay calm for long as she gave a warning to you in the game. Savitri asks Katha if she is fine. Katha says she is fine and tells her she needs some fresh air so she will go out for a walk. Kabir says he will take her. Katha thinks she can’t confront Yuvraj in presence of Kabir so she asks Deepa to accompany her. Deepa agrees. Kishore asks Kabir to not take tension.

Tony asks if he can lie to Kabir also. He asks Yuvraj to apologize to Katha. Yuvraj says he can’t face her. Tony asks if he is scared. Yuvraj says he is scared and asks if he is happy? Katha asks who he is scared of. They feel tense seeing her. Deepa says it can be these two as Yuvraj can’t be scared and he won’t show it. Katha says seems like he won’t show it. She says if they are his friends. Deepa says these 3 are together since childhood. Katha asks why she feels she saw them somewhere. They say she may see them in marriage. Katha says she didn’t meet Yuvraj in marriage then how can she see them in marriage.

Deepa says Katha is taking a good class. She asks Yuvraj to introduce his friends to Katha. He introduces them. Katha sees Bhushan’s jacket and says it’s from Nainital, isn’t it? As I remembered it belongs there. Bhushan says it’s not. Katha challenges about it and tells him to check the label. Deepa checks the label and tells it belongs to Nainital. Bhushan reveals Yuvraj gifted him. Katha asks Yuvraj if he went to Nainital. Yuvraj says he never visited Nainital and ordered it online. Deepa asks why he ordered it online Manju calls them inside for Saavan. Yuvraj asks them to go inside and leaves. Yash notices Yuvraj hurry and thinks he is hiding some secret.

Ladies dance for a song. Katha also joins them. Guest says Savitri got a beautiful daughter in law. They tell Katha that she is lucky. Ladies ask them to make Katha sit in a song. Deepa and Manju make her sit and slowly pushes the swing. Deepa asks Katha where she lost. Katha asks didn’t anyone go to Nainital. Deepa says Kabir and mom went. When they were a child she went. Katha asks if didn’t Yuvraj go to Nainital.

Deepa says he goes with his friends all the time we don’t know where he goes. But he never hides anything from Kabir. Katha thinks Yuvaraj is hiding from them a lot and even from Kabir also. Neelam asks Gunjan to hide her feelings. Deepa and Manju go to dance to their favorite song that time Gunjan pushes the swing harshly. It shows Katha is about to fall.

Episode ends.

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