Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 7th June 2022 Written Update: Kabir feels disappointed with Swetha’s views


Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 7th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Katha couldn’t sleep thinking about Rahul’s words in his diary about his birthday. She thinks to make his birthday special. The next day, Katha prepared food for him and gets ready. Manyata help her by giving her earrings. Katha asks how she knows she is searching for new earrings. Manyata says you wear new clothes and getting ready with excitement. Katha asks her to do her assignment. Manyata shows her she is creating her marriage profile. She asks her to tell her about her date once she returns. Katha leaves telling her she is not going on date. Manju prepares food and tells Madhu that she is preparing food to impress her guests. Madhu asks why can’t they prepare continents items. Deepa tells Manju decided to prepare local items as you guys are promoting local things. Madhu says you guys think we are doing this for our benefit which is not. She receives calls from bride’s family. Madhu thinks where is the groom.

Kabir distributes food to poor people with his mother. Yash shows the minister how people are waiting for Kabir’s help. Minister likes Kabir. Yash asks him to give him a Udaipur ticket. Kabir’s mother asks him to come. Nainital dealer calls Kabir and asks him to not cancel his dealership. Kabir says he won’t need to do business with him until she takes back her complaint. The dealer sees Katha and requests her to take back her complaints. Katha requests Kabir to not cancel his dealership. Kabir agrees and is about to ask her name but she leaves seeing Rahul. Kabir thinks about Katha. Kishore tells him that bride’s family is waiting for him.

Rahul takes Katha with him. Katha tries to lift his mood but it didn’t happen. Katha asks why he wears a hoodie? Is he hiding from anyone? Rahul says he is hiding from this day. She takes him to the mall and asks him about his family. He asks her to do her work and denies to shop. Katha thinks his wound is deeper. Yash tells Kabir won’t reveal his pain to anyone. Manju asks Sweta to taste her good. Sweta takes it saying she likes authentic Rajasthani food. Deepa asks Kabir and Sweta to talk with each other. Madhu agrees.

Katha takes Rahul to the gaming zone but he doesn’t look happy. She makes him play with her by tricking him. She takes his photos when he is smiling. The lights go off. He falls on her while jumping. He is about to kiss her but couldn’t hear voice of others. He asks her where they need to go next. He takes her ok his bike. She hugs him when he applies break. Both smiles. Swetha tells Kabir that they need to shift to Delhi post marriage. She asks how they are living in one place and asks won’t he feel suffocated. Kabir tells her he likes to live with his family. He asks if she donates her blood seeing the bandage. Swetha tells him she never donated blood. Kabir feels disappointed with her and recalls Katha.

Rahul goes aside to take photos. Eve teasers tease her. Rahul beats him. Katha applies a bandage to Rahul’s cut. She gifts him a bubble blower. Rahul thanks her for returning his smile to him. He asks if today is special. She asks him same. Rahul is losts in his thoughts. Katha asks him to eat lunch prepared by her. Rahul asks how she knows he like bread pakoda as he wrote it in his diary. Katha lights a candle and wishes him. Rahul scolds her for reading his diary. He is about to leave. Katha asks him to tell why he hates his birthday and what’s he hiding from her. Rahul tells her he is a bloody murderer. Katha gets shocked.

Episode ends.

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