Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 8th August 2022 Written Update:


Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 8th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Yuvraj saying to Katha that he did wrong to her. He says I’m accepting my mistake and will you kill me for this mistake? Yuvraj says I said to give your name if you become pregnant but it didn’t happen right. Katha gets angry holding her stomach and slaps Yuvraj. Furthermore, she tells him that he has to bear her pain and if I forgive you then I will become culprit like you and you’re cheating your family with lies. She warns Yuvraj to confess his wrongdoing in front of his family. She gives 48hrs to tell truth to Kabir and other family members otherwise I will expose to Kabir that you cheated me. Yuvraj gets shocked. Savitri asks Kabir to eat. Kabir says Katha didn’t eat food. She went to make Yuvraj have food. Savitri says she liked it. Manju says she ate and goes to bring Katha.

Katha says you know what happens if Kabir learns this truth from me. Yuvraj tries to say something. She starts the timer and tells him that his time starts now. Yuvraj stands shocked. Manju asks which alarm. Why do you take so much time? Katha says Yuvraj didn’t gift me so I asked him to gift me in 48 hours. Manju says he won’t gift you anything. Katha says he needs to change. Manju takes Katha with her telling Kabir is waiting for her.

Kabir on the call tells his manager that he will come to the office next week. Katha sees things on the table and asks what are they. Kabir says you may be dehydrated with fast that’s why coconut water. Katha says hope noone bad eyes fall on our happiness. Kabir tells he won’t let it happen. Katha sees the gift. He signs her to open it. Katha feels happy seeing evil eye bands for them and their baby. Katha tells him she can’t express how she feels. Kabir thanks her and tells her that their baby will complete their family. He makes Katha wear an evil eye. Katha smiles. Kabir praises her smile. Katha sees the evil eye and thanks him. She makes Kabir wear his evil eye. They share a cute moment. Then he makes Katha sleep on the bed. He sleeps on Sofa and tells her good night. Katha smiles seeing their baby’s evil eye. She thinks she trusts that this evil will protect them from bad eyes.

The next day Savitri comes to Kabir’s room. She praises Katha’s look and calls her for the reason ritual. She sees the evil eye and tells her that it’s good. Katha says Kabir gifted her. Savitri says he forgot her. Katha says she has him as her protection. She teases him and is about to leave. Kabir’s hand touches the box and the baby’s evil eye goes to Savitri’s feet. Kabir and Katha get tensed. Savitri takes it and asks for whom they ordered the baby one. Kabir says he bought the set. Savitri says it happens soon. She asks when they are planning to make her grandmother. Katha looks on.

Savitri asks her to not feel shy. She leaves. Kabir notices Katha is worried. He asks her what happened. Katha says Savitri wishes for our family’s growth but she doesn’t know ok carrying a baby of someone’s. Kabir says I know it’s tough to hide this truth but trust me I will inform this matter to everyone in the correct time. Katha agrees. She thinks she is betraying Kabir by not telling him about Yuvraj. She thinks to expose Yuvraj’s truth if he didn’t inform Kabir within 48 hours. While jogging Yuvraj recalls Katha’s warning in anger.

Episode ends.

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