Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 8th June 2022 Written Update: Katha accepts Rahul’s proposal


Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 8th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rahul revealing to Katha that he is a bloody murderer who was the reason for his parent’s death on his birthday and I hid this in me for 13 years as a punishment. Katha asks him what happened. Rahul tells her that he was the reason for the accident which caused his parent’s death. Katha makes him realise that it’s just an accident and your parents can’t feel happy seeing your state so forgive that 12 years Rahul then you can feel better.

Rahul says it’s easy to say. Katha asks him to try blowing 13 candles for his last 13 year birthdays. Rahul blows off candles telling it’s for his parents. They feed cake to each other. Katha says your mom used to give you many gifts right. She gifts him many things. At last, she asks him to start his new life with the new diary. Rahul says it’s going to start with a new friend. Katha says it’s his wish. Rahul hugs her and tells her that he never met a special girl like her. Katha asks him to celebrate his birthday with her family in the next day. Rahul agrees.

Manyata and Uma are busily searching matches for Katha online. Katha prepares tea and tells her mom and sister that she called her friend to celebrate his birthday with them in the next day. Manyata tells Uma that Katha may be liking this guy. Katha smiles hearing their conversation. Kabir sends the bride’s family. Kabir’s mom and his sisters like Swetha. They ask for Kabir’s opinion. Kabir rejects Sweta’s match. Neelam and Gunjan feel happy.

At the night Rohan calls Katha and asks her to come near the window. She sees him with a birthday cap and balloons. She tells him she called her in the next day. Rahul says now it’s 11. 11 and I want to spend this last hour of my birthday with you. Katha goes to him. They leave on his bike. Rahul makes Katha enter the airbus. Katha likes the decorations but feels tense when it’s moving. Rahul asks her to not feel tense. He makes her try a balloon blower. She feels better.

Rahul asks why she gets scared of heights. Katha tells him her Dad died in trekking. Rahul hugs her. He asks her to talk with the star whenever she feels scared. Both of them send their message in hot air balloons. Katha shouts I love you, dad. Then Rahul shouts I love you, Katha. Katha gets surprised. Rahul tells he can’t hide his feelings anymore and the first time I felt I fell in love with you. He sits on his knees and proposes if he can celebrate his every birthday with her? Katha accepts his proposal. Rahul jumps in happiness and he falls on Katha. Rahul kisses her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rahul cheats Katha and leaves her in the Airbus. He mocks her on road. Kabir gets to know the refund girl’s name is Katha.

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