Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 10th February 2023 Written Update: Dev invites Vidhi to join him on his workplace tour


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 10th February 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Satyavati inquiring Dev where he is taking this bucket. He excuses her and rushes to his room. Seema informs her that Vidhi used to mix hot and cold water to take a bath. Maybe he is helping Vidhi. Priya makes fun of Dev. Dhamayanthi says that Dev usually never does such work but he helps his wife like a servant. Satyavati asks her what’s wrong with it. Husband and wife should help each other. Dev gives the bucket to Vidhi. She thanked him for supporting her. He asks her to be careful and leaves. Vidhi thought that she had to do something in return. Later, Sharma’s are waiting for Vidhi. Dev and Vidhi arrived there. Sharma’s welcome them. Bimla takes Arathi to them.

Urmila was surprised to see the gift bags. She inquires Dev, what’s this all? Dev tells her that Satyavati asked him to give this gift to them in Shagun. He gives a gift to everyone. Urmila praises his family tradition. Urmila says to him that Bimla cooked many delicious items for him at a feast. Dev says that he is excited to taste this delicious food. Later, Vidhi notices Dev and Divya are eating in the same way. She inquires Dev whether they teach how to do the same at London college? She informs him that they are eating in the same way.

Meanwhile, Dev and Vidhi are enjoying the meal. Vidhi informs Dev that Divya studied in London. She suggests Dev allow Divya to do an internship in his office. Dev says to Divya that she is able to approach him directly about this. She doesn’t need to get Vidhi’s help with it. Divya says to him that she decided to ask him about it but she didn’t expect Vidhi would ask about it. Dev says to her that she is able to contact Abhimanyu in his office. But he won’t assure her to give a job because it’s depends on her talent. If she deserves it, she will get an internship there. Divya says to him that she may create a good bond with him in future.

Hariprasad gives a gift to him in Shagun. Dev asks him to fulfill his desire. Divya says that she heard about the dowry system in India. Urmila says that rich people are the same. After eating his stomach full, he is demanding dowry. Hariprasad and Bimla are worried about their financial expenses. Dev demands dowry from them. Vidhi is disappointed to hear it. Dev goes inside and brings a mattress. Seema narrates to them what happened in the morning. Dev shares with them that Vidhi isn’t comfortable with his mattress. She isn’t sleeping well there. Dev adds that he will take everyone to his home if she feels uncomfortable there. Bimla blessed him.

Later, Vidhi and Dev go back home. Dev receives a phone call. He informs Vidhi that he has to attend a business meeting. He says to her that it may be an unromantic honeymoon. She is able to join him on his business trip. Vidhi assures to go with him. Later, Dev returns home. He inquires Satyavati about her health. She assures him that she is doing better now. Vidhi mentions her as madam. Dev suggested Vidhi to mention her as a mom. She checks her temperature and tells her that she will prepare traditional medicine for her. Priya mocks at her. Satyavati supports her. Dev shares with her about his business trip. Satyavati gives permission to him and advises him to take good care of her. Dhamayanthi complaints that his daughter-in-law doesn’t care about her mother-in-law’s health. She is ready to enjoy her honeymoon trip. Satyavati supports Vidhi there. Later, Vidhi refuses to go with Dev, reasoning about Satyavati’s health. Dev leaves from there.

Episode end

Precap; Vidhi will cook for Satyavati. Dhamayanthi will humiliate Vidhi’s status. She will add that Satyavati fell sick after she entered this house. Dev went on a business trip the next day of her marriage. It’s a bad omen. Vidhi will be hurt to hear it.

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