Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 10th March 2023 Written Update: Vidhi opens up with Dev


The episode starts with Dev giving a surprise visit to Vidhi. He wrote a poem for her. Abhimanyu praises him. Satyavati tells him that she doesn’t know that he has knowledge of writing poems. Vidhi blushes hearing it. Vijay Babu smirks at him. Dev apologizes to Vidhi for being rude to her. He shouldn’t have talked like that to her. He adds that everything is solved now. Mom is also feeling better. Vidhi says that she won’t forgive him. He didn’t inform her that Satyavati had been sick. Dev tells her that he doesn’t want to disturb her.

Vidhi complained to him that he was facing all the problems alone. He doesn’t need her help at all. But she wishes to stand with him in every tough situation. But he isn’t giving those rights to her. The truth is, they don’t want to share what is happening in our lives with anyone. But it will feel good to share it with someone else who loves him. Vidhi says that she wants him to do it.

Vidhi asks Dev. Did he need her? Dev tells her that she is his love. He loves her a lot. He expresses his gratitude to her and says how much he missed her. Later, Hariprasad applies colors to Bimla. He tells her that nothing happened between Dev and Vidhi, it seems. Bimla says to him that he wouldn’t have said a poem if he argued with her. Bimla asks him to learn how to say a poem. Hariprasad tells her that he will learn to say poems. Meanwhile, Dev gives a gift to Vidhi and tells her that she will get answers to her questions. Vidhi asks him what it is? She is surprised to see his personal diary.

Dev tells her that she asked him about his personal diary. Vidhi recalls the words of Amba and Divya after seeing the 1988 diary. Dev adds that he shouldn’t have said to Vidhi that writing a diary is a personal thing. He doesn’t want to hide anything from him. Vidhi thanked him for sharing everything with her. She adds that he cleared her doubts. She wouldn’t suspect him again. She adds that she doesn’t want to read this diary anymore. If she read it, her trust in him would be decreased. She asks him not to hide anything from her hereafter.

Dev applies color to Vidhi. He applies colors to her. Everyone celebrates the Holi together. Dev says that he gave his personal diary to her but she didn’t give him anything in return. He requests her to stop calling him Sir Dev. They are not working in an office but a husband and wife. She mentions him as Dev Ji. Later, Dev shares with Hariprasad that he enjoyed a lot today. It was fun to play Holi with them. Dev tells him that he is taking Vidhi with him. Hariprasad thanked him for sending Vidhi to his house. Satyavati notices Chithra there. Abhimanyu tries to apply colors to Chithra. Amba asks him to stop colouring her. She says that she has a deal with Vidhi. She reveals to everyone that Vidhi invited Chithra to attend the Holi celebration. Amba says to them that Vidhi has to apologise to her in front of everyone. If she does it, then she will allow Chithra to visit her parents’ house anytime. Chithra is happy after hearing it.

Episode ends

Precap; Yogesh will inform Amba that Raichand’s company is under their control after they get their sign in this file. Amba will feed a strawberry to him. Kanika will complain that they are discussing ruining Raichand’s company in her house.