Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 13th August 2022 Written Update: Amba gives a surprise to Dev


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 13th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev shares to Abhimanyu that he is ready to help him to pursue his dream. Whether it is small or big he will be with him to support him. Later Vidhi says to Seema, still she couldn’t believe she took that brave step. She gives credits to god. Seema says to her it’s all because of her job. She got dare and confidence from it.

Meanwhile Abhimanyu says to Dev that he feels so happy when he is cooking. He forgot everything while doing it but he is aware it’s impossible Raichand family heir pursuing cooking dream. Dev assures him that he can pursue his dream. Abhimanyu scares of Sathyavath. He assures him that he will convince mom. Abhimanyu hugs him and thank him. Dev reminds Vidhi’s words and wishes she might be happy. Here Seema gives all credits to Dev for building her confidence. Vidhi feels it right and thank him.

Next day Hariprasad family members are doing Pooja. Here Dev joins with Sathyavathi to attend pooja. She shares to Dev that she wanna talk with him about Bal Ghar incidents? He reminds how did he surrounded by media peoples. Sathyavathi asks him why did he go there? He lies to her he didn’t went there. She asks him Is he hiding anything from her? He denies it.

Meanwhile Urmila says to Hariprasad that her business is not going well. She wanna develop her beauty parlour but she has no income in her hand. If it continues no one will visit her parlour. Hariprasad whispers to his friend she is planning something against them. Bimla excuses them not to listen Urmila’s fake story. Later Dev tells her he wanna dicuss her about Abhimanyu. She says to him that she don’t have interest in his dad’s dream. Dev asks her Is she remind how did Abhimanyu stops talking with them when did he failed in his exam? He scared it will affect their family prestige.

Sathyavathi says to him it’s all past now he got big. He is married now. Where did we failed? What’s our mistake in it? Dev tells her we done mistake. We didn’t ask him what’s he need. What he likes to pursue? Why should he give up his dream? Sathyavathi says to Dev that we didn’t failed but him. Now it’s not too late. He can take over this business and correct his mistakes for our family reputation. Dev says to her that she is not understanding his situation at all.

He is already in depression and leading a unhappy life with Ria. He will be pushed into more depression because of it. It’s high time to change his life. Sathyavathi asks him what about his life? He wanna marry to a girl and lead a happy life too. Dev says to her that he is happy with his life. It’s enough to him. His siblings happiness is important to him. Abhimanyu comes there and says to his mom that no one will come to know that he is cooking. He will make sure no one learns this news.

Sathyavathi says to him she is giving a nod to him. She warns him that this family prestige is in his hand he might make sure he is taking a good care of it. Ria gets angry to hear it. Abhimanyu hugs his mom and thank her. Abhimanyu assures her that he will take care of it. Dev shares to Sathyavathi that controversy got end. Sathyavathi thank God. Ris thinks that family is not caring about her life she will not let it happen

Meanwhile Urmila’s husband steals sweets from temple. Seema notices it. Urmila tries to talk with Hariprasad. Something fall on her husband shoulder. Everyone takes care of him. Urmila creates a scene that they might take him to hospital. Bimla tells her this ointment is enough to reduce his pain. Vidhi says to him she is getting late to joj but Urmila stops her. Hariprasad understands her plan and clears to them that he won’t take single penny from Vidhi’s salary. Later Dev is in traffic. One kid give newspaper to him. Amba calls him and shares to him that she shifted her business to Indore. He gets irritate by her talk.

Episode end

Precap; Urmila will create a scene in Dev’s company. Later Dev lashes out at Vidhi.

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