Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 15th October 2022 Written Update: Dev stops the engagement


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 15th October 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev waiting for Arjun’s call to collect information about Akash. He thinks that he may be thinking too much about it. Later, Kallu attends the function. Hariprasad welcomes him and advise him to keep an eye on his daughter. Every boss is not same like Dev. He asks him to concentrate on engagement ceremony. Meanwhile, Bimla helps Vidhi to get ready and takes dhriti from her.

Later, Dev assured to Vidhi that nothing will go wrong here. Vidhi tells him that she is aware he won’t allow anything wrong happen here. She adds that Dev is the perfect person in her life. She is praying God to give a perfect partner for him. If he gets a suitable girl please open his heart for her. Give importance to her feelings. Both shares an eye lock with each other. Dev alerts her that Priest calling her. He wishes good luck to her.

Vidhi sits beside Akash. Dev thinks that he is not sure whether he is doing right or wrong? Vidhi blindly believe him. That is why she agreed to marry him. He prays god to show a good path to him. Dev received the call from Arjun. He leaves to talk with him. Priest asks Akash to wear ring in Vidhi’s hand. Dev stops them. Everyone gets shocked to hear it. Dev asks the priest to stop this engagement. Akash asks him what’s this new drama? Dev says to him that he learnt the truth little late.

Dev asks Hariprasad to believe him and give a little time. Aakash parents says to him that he shouldn’t stop this engagement. He provokes Akash to questions them. Urmila says to Pramod what’s this news drama here? Akash shares with Hariprasad that they are embarrassing his parents in front of all. Hariprasad gets furious when he talks about Vidhi. He asks him to calm down. Dev says to Hariprasad that he has an valid reason to stop this engagement. He asks him to wait until he explain the situation.

Hariprasad says to Akash that he is a big business man so, he won’t take any decisions wrong. Akash gets furious and lashes out at him. He adds that doesn’t they are mentioning him as a big business man? Then why is he here leaving his works behind. Why don’t he mind his own business. He insults Hariprasad there. Vidhi scolds Akash for talking against Hariprasad. She tells him that she can able to bear anything but don’t allow anyone to insult her dad.

Arjun reach there on time. Dev collects all information about Akash. Dev Says to Akash, doesn’t he ask him why is he using his powers here? He used his power to send Arjun to London. To collect his background information. Doesn’t he staying in Skyline apartment. He is right he is staying there but that apartment on someone else name. Akash asks him how could he background check to him. Dev tells him that he will go anywhere in the world for Vidhi’s life.

Doesn’t he said to them he is working in a office. He reveals to them that he is not a employee there. Urmila asks Hariprasad why did he bring such alliance for Vidhi? Dev asks her to stop it. Dev shows Akash’s real wife photo to everyone. He reveals that he needs a life time servant without paying to her. Hariprasad gets angry on him. Dev stop him and says let’s give complaint against him. Then only he won’t cheat anyone again.

Episode end

Precap; Vidhi will share her happiness with Dev for stopped her engagement. She will add that she is happy for the engagement halt. But she is more happy thinking about he stopped it. Dev will ask her to talk with him in normal tone. He will warn her to don’t cross her limits.

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