Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 16th August 2022 Written Update: Vidhi’s surprise for her family members


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 16th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev asks Vidhi about her temple? She assures him that whom praying in their temple will get god’s blessings they will live together happily. He reminds about Priya and Abhimanyu’s relationship. Vidhi asks him to stop the car. He tells her that her house is not here. She says to him that she wanna buy something for her family members in her salary. She gets down from car.

He apologized to her for what happened in morning. Vidhi tells him that’s her fault she will accept the Apology if he mentioning about what happened yesterday. Dev asks her to create balance sheet when should he say thanks and sorry to her. She nods to him and leaves. He laughs thinking about her. Driver says that he is seeing him laughing like this first time.

Vidhi reminds how did Dev said to her she can ask money in office when she needs money it’s in company policy. Vidhi thinks that she is thinking a lot. Dad will like this gift. Later Priya says to Sathyavathi that Dev included him in hotel business. She would have joined in it he can take care of cooking. He gonna cook for someone in kitchen. She complaints that his profile is too low. She didn’t married to him to sacrifice her dreams. Doesn’t Dev said to her family that Abhimanyu will be the owner of Raichand company.

Dev says to her it’s true still he is owner of it. Priya says that he is a brilliant business man that’s why he created fake degree for his little brother. Even he bring a wife for him lying to her family members. She is not a trophy to gift his brother or keep her in his shelf. He is not doing business at all. Abhimanyu tells her that he is doing what he want? Priya says to him that whether he wanna involve her in business or Abhimanyu might do business.

Dev asks Sathyavath Is it right to involve Priya in their business. Sathyavathi says to Dev that there some rules and regulations in this house. She promised to her husband that ladies won’t go out to do work. She talked about it clear to Priya’s parents also. Sathyavathi says to everyone that she can study further and do anything from home but she can’t allow Priya to work in office.

Priya says to her that she doesn’t care whether Abhimanyu cooking in hotel or washing vessels. When he is going to hotel she might give permission to her to join in business. She adds that if she fulfilling her dream means she will let him pursue his dream or else both of their dream will break. Chithra comes there surprising.

Later Seema asks Hariprasad to close his eyes. Vidhi comes there and makes sure everyone closed their eyes. Vidhi makes Hariprasad wear new specs. She gifts bangles for Bimla and gifts new purse for Seema. She says to her that her purse zip got broken right that’s why she brought new one. Hariprasad asks her what’s this all.

Vidhi tells him that he can see the world now. Hariprasad asks her where did she brought this money? Vidhi says to him that she got her salary. Bimla tells her she joined now then how will she get money? Vidhi says to her that everyone in her office good people. They can get money advance for emergency purpose. She gives remaining amount to him and says next time let’s put her salary in bank account.

Hariprasad asks her doesn’t he said to her they shouldn’t take money from back account? Her money is for her future! Vidhi says to him that they are her family members so she wanna gift something to them. He asks her to return the things. Bimla denies it reasoning she gifted for them first time it’s showing her love for them. She won’t return this bangle he can think the remain. Hariprasad accepts her gift. Vidhi thank him. Hariprasad takes the gift from them and leaves to place it in temple. He will stay ther for few minutes.

Vidhi asks Hariprasad Is he alright? He nods to her. She complaints that he is not looking good something is bothering him. She asks him Is he hiding anything from her! He denies it. Later Dev reminds Vidhi’s words and talks with his family members. He asks Chithra to eat. She complaints that it has so much calories she won’t eat it all that’s why taking soup.

Sathyavathi asks Chithra to search a bride for Dev in online. Chithra nods to her. Dev tells her he don’t need a girl finding out in online. Sathyavathi asks her to find out a girl in offline then. They are determined to find out a bride for him. Later Vidhi and Seema are enjoying their ice cream. Bimla notices her husband looking dull and advises him to stop bothering about the problem. God will show a way to solve it all. She enquires him Is he asked advance to his owner?

Episode end

Precap; Hariprasad will share to his friend that he lost his job still he didn’t share it to his family members. He will ask Hariprasad why didn’t he? He will ask him how will he face his family. Hariprasad will hide seeing Vidhi there. She will caught him and enquire him what’s he doing here?

The episode starts with Dev advises to Amba it’s not safe to shift her business to Indore. She may face lose in it. He couldn’t accept anything which affects his shares. Amba says to him nothing will happen to her business because she always takes decision listening to her heart. It’s won’t break. Dev says to her don’t be stuck at your past instead keep going focusing on your future.

Amba tells him this time her heart won’t break at all. Her past always brings beautiful memories to her. She will make sure that her dreams will come true. Dev tries to convince her but she is adamant in her decision. Amba demands him to attend her pooja or else she wil shift her stay to his house and disconnects the call. Meanwhile Vidhi reaches to office. Indra asks her why did she late to office today.

Vidhi tells her that there is some issues in her house. Indra says to her that Dev is good by his heart but he is very strict in company rules. Dev comes there and questions her Is she late to office? She about to explain him but he leaves from there. Vidhi says to Indra that he left without saying anything to her. Indra alerts her it means he is in bad mood. Meanwhile Urmila comes there to meet Vidhi but Security stops her. She enters into office pushing them aside. Dev is watching the news about him. Kanika and Yogesh are discussing about it. He hears some noise outside he goes to check it.

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