Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 17th September 2022 Written Update: Priya changes her behaviour towards Sathyavati and family!


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 17th September 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Vidhi showing the new guy his table in office. The guy thanks Vidhi and hugs her. Vidhi pushes her. Office people make fun. The guy says what’s your issue? People say thank you by hugging in the UK. Ananya says Vidhi he is from UK so it is normal for him. Vidhi explains to the guy how this is India and you don’t need to hug unnecessarily to say thank you. Just then Dev comes and announces that there is a new change in office from today one month before or after the festivals even on saturdays so that we can take off during festivals without any worry. Dev asks to vote, everyone agrees.

Vidhi remembers how the housekeeping lady told Vidhi she behaves differently around Dev. So Vidhi votes for not implementing their plan. Dev says you are yourself voting against you? Vidhi says yes. Arjun whispers to Vidhi that she will support her but maks fun of her instead. Dev says so Vidhi you won in your job but not in democracy. Dev then asks Vidhi are you okay? I feel you should leave early as you are acting very differently today. Vidhi says no sir I am okay.

Everyone leaves. The housekeeping lady comes to Vidhi. Vidhi says see I told you I don’t do things to impress Dev. The lady says see yourself what you did and how you got yourself highlighted. Vidhi gets into thinking and goes to work. Here, Arjun asks Kanika and Yogesh about how Vidhi is so dumb and she is handling such an important position. Kanika says we have seen many accountings are wrong we just need to show it. Yogesh says yes as in case of Vidhi, Dev has denied to listen to us. Kanika and Yogesh ask Arjun to help them in exposing Vidhi. Arjun agrees.

Kanika says we need to be careful as Vidhi is always alert. Here, Bimla is talking to her boss about how Vidhi is behaving very strange all of a sudden. Boss says yesterday at night I saw from my balcony that Vidhi is praying to god. Bimla says I hope her health is fine. Bimla remembers how Vidhi asked her about how she got to know Hariprasad is the one. Bimla says I have asked Vidhi’s dad to see for rishtas. Boss says are you sure, Vidhi doesn’t have any guy in mind? Bimla says no and looks on.

Vidhi thinks of all the past events and how she has learnt a lot about love in past days from everyone. Vidhi thinks am I really in love with Dev? Vidhi thinks how she is different with Dev and her feelings match with what people said about love. Vidhi thinks I am in love with Dev. Then Vidhi makes herself focused on work and not get distracted.

At home, Priya gives Sathyavati a saree. Sathyavati opens it and says I know how you give something and then say poisonous things to me, so tell me what’s the new drama this time? Priya says there is no new drama, I met Amba today and I have realised I was wrong, I also want peace and happiness here in our family. Sathyavati and Abhimanyu get shocked. Priya goes to kitchen. Dev comes back and Sathyavati asks him to think about marrying.

Dev says I told you that till the time I don’t see things get normal I have promised myself not to marry. Priya comes to call everyone for dinner and requests them to come with peace and happiness. Dev is shocked and asks Sathyavati. Sathyavati says we are equally shocked but I think she met Amba and she got good influence, I hope this continues so that the happiness you are hiding from Dev you get it as I want to see you married. Abhimanyu also says yes now Dev will marry soon it seems.

Here, Vidhi is praying to god about how she gave sign that Vidhi is not in love but now all the feelings indicate towards love. Vidhi is confused when Bimla comes and asks her why was she praying to god so late at night? Vidhi says I had a bad dream. Bimla says okay come inside. Hari asks Vidhi if she thought about MBA? Vidhi says yes I want to do MBA. Hari says see I told you she never denies to something Dev suggested. Vidhi thinks other way around and says I am doing for my own. Bimla says but Dev gave the form right? Vidhi says yes but I am not doing because of that I truely feel this is important. Hari gets happy and blesses Vidhi.

Later at night, Vidhi is unable to sleep and keeps thinking about moments with Dev so she stops herself again and again. Here, Bimla talks to Hari that everyone is saying Vidhi has reached an age where we need to find a groom for her, but I feel we should ask her if she has a guy. Hari says I am very happy Vidhi decided to do MBA as in our family no onr has done it, we can look for marriage proposals but not hurry just because people are saying. Hari also says that he is confident that Vidhi won’t go against them and think of love marriage as for her family is first.

Episode ends.

Precap – Vidhi finds error in accounts of new manufacturing unit. Arjun sees this and notifies Kanika ans Yogesh and asks them for some file. Vidhi notifies Dev about the error in account.

The episode starts with Vidhi talking with herself. She thinks that everyone likes Dev sir. It doesn’t mean everyone were in love with him. Even Sangeetha likes him. She is confused with her feelings on Dev. She prays god to give a clarity to her. She is aware that God is taking rest in this time.

She shouldn’t disturb her but she needs her help to realise what’s she feeling for Dev. Mini noticed that Vidhi praying in temple. Vidhi reminds Amba’s words and the time she spend with Dev. Vidhi shares with Vidhi that she don’t realise anything it means she doesn’t have any feelings on him. She about to leave flower falls down from from God’s hand. Vidhi thinks that she doesn’t understand what’s love?

Vidhi asks Bimla what’s love? When she fell in love with Hariprasad? When she realised it that she was in love with him? Bimla tells her that it’s not a thing to express in words. Bimla says to her they build trust each other and slowly falls in love with each other. Vidhi reminds Dev’s words and smiles. Hariprasad asks Bimla to give tea to him. Vidhi asks her to say more about it? She tells her that cinema is over showing it.

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