Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 18th August 2022 Written Update: Vidhi promises to Dev


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 18th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kanika informs to Dev that she noted points for meeting and press people are waiting for him in conference room. Dev asks her whom called press in his name? Priya tells him she done it. She wanna announces to them that Abhimanyu gonna start his work in kitchen. She feels so proud of it because he gonna do very prestigious job.

Dev tells her whatever the family problems it’s not a correct place to discuss here. Didn’t you know how will media people creates gossips about them. Priya asks him how many days he can able to hide this from outsides? One day truth will be out. Later Vidhi asks Hariprasad what’s he doing here? Lallu kaka lies to her they are here to take fresh air. We thought to eat golgappa. Vidhi tells him it’s not good to eat outside food. She gives his lunch box to him and leaves from there. Lallu advises Hariprasad to stop hiding the truth from family members.

Sathyavathi learns from Yogesh about Priya’s act. She rushes out to stop her. Dev signals Kanika to leave. He asks Priya doesn’t she care about Raichand family? Priya tells him that she really cares for it but she couldn’t accept the rules and regulations of their house.

Kanika fears that their shares will be affected if Priya gives negative feedback. Yogesh asks her to think positive. Staffs discuss with each other Priya came to office it seems there is something going on in Raichand’s family. Vidhi hears it and thinks Dev is very good person. She prays for him. Sathyavathi reaches there and stop Priya from attending the press meet. Sathyavathi tells her that she is also a part of Raichand’s family so whatever rumours creates it will affect her too. It will affect her family too.

Priya tells her she is so touched by her words. Is she forget what happened in home? If she do anything against her will she take this matter to her family? It seems she misunderstood her as bold. If she wanna plead just go with it. Sathyavathi tells her Is she wanna work then do it. Why don’t she take care of house because it’s also important one and responsibilities is hers. Priya asks her Is she saying she can able to control the whole house and take decisions. Sathyavathi nods to her.

Priya demands her to change the tone then she will accept this task. Sathyavathi pleads her to take the control over in their house. She likes it and says to her it’s too late to response. She leaves from there leaving her behind. Meanwhile Priya reaches to conference room. She apologized to them for made them wait.

Media questions Priya Is it true Dev treating her husband not well. He is doing small work. Dev and Sathyavathi reaches there. He asks her what’s she doing here? Sathyavathi tells him it’s all because of her. Meanwhile Priya says to media that many rumours are going around about them. Both Dev and Abhimanyu are like Raman and Laksman. There is no quarrel between both brothers. They can ask Sathyavathi about it. She adds that whatever Priya said true.

Bimla says to her friends that Dev was married and he has a child too. Her friend says she may misunderstood him. She is following him in social media always he was not married at all. If he married then she would have know about it. She shows the social media page to them. One of them suggested them ask Vidhi when she comes back about it? Others teases the girl whom had crush on Dev.

Later Vidhi walking on road while thinking about the incident happened in office. She reminds how did Dev stopped Priya in office. She comaplaints to him that mom offtered house responsibility to her but he came here for another offer. Dev tells her he will transfer the two hotel on her name which he brought for Abhimanyu. She can run it according to her wish. Lets hide this from Sathyavathi. She praises his idea. Vidhi overhead it all. Priya assures him that she will handle the media but he wanna handle Vidhi. Dev requests Vidhi to hide this matter from all. He asks her to promise him she won’t reveal it to anyone. Vidhi promises to him.

Episode end

Precap; Priya will demand Dev to transfer the papers to her name asap. Later Dev will fear Vidhi will confess the truth to all.

The episode starts with Bimla asks Hariprasad doesn’t he went to ask Advance to his owner? Hariprasad lies to them that he is not in this city he will ask him when he is back. Bimla tells him no issues she has money lets manage the situation. Vidhi tells him that mom hiding money in kitchen. Vidhi informs to Bimla that Dev was asking to her about their temple. If the prays here along with his wife they will get god’s blessings. Bimla tells her it’s very good thing he offered job to her and treating her nice. Hariprasad thinks that he wanna arrange everything for pooja it seems. Vidhi says that both will live together happily after they get blessings.

Meanwhile Bimla asks Seema to keep the bottle near her reasoning sunlight good here. Pickle need good sunlight. Seema tells her that she will keep it down after she return from school. Vidhi comes there. Seema tells her she doesn’t care about them like the way she cares her Pickles. Vidhi says that many people are fans of her pickle. Seema mocks at Bimla there. Vidhi tells her that Sathyavathi asks her to taste Bimla’s pickle. She assures her that she will prepare specially for her. Bimla tells her that she wanna go to textile in evening.

Sathyavathi discussing with Dev and Abhimanyu about current situation. Abhimanyu tells her that Priya searching an reason to argue with them. Something is going on her mind. Sathyavathi tells him that she clearly explained to Priya’s family members about our house rules and regulations. She advises him to not worry about it all instead concentrating on his relationship with Priya.

Later Neighbour suggests him to do some work. Hariprasad tells him it’s so early he will get another job. Neighbour tells him If he waits a

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