Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 19th September 2022 Written Update: Dev, Vidhi on a Mission


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 19th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vidhi checking the old files and gets suspicious. Kanika pretends to be a boss to her son and whispering to him that he might keep his eyes on Vidhi. He assures her that he will do his best. Arjun gives chocolate to Vidhi and asks her to taste. She refused to eat it reasoning she don’t like chocolates. He requested her to eat it.

Meanwhile, Dev shares with Kanika and Yogesh that he decided to give some responsible to him. Yogesh denied it reasoning he might learn as an intern. He wants to learn the importance of his position. If they give special treatment to him then other interns will feel bad. Later, Vidhi is checking the old manufacturing file. Arjun inquired her what’s it? She shares with him that she was checking the old manufacturing project.

She finds many unbalanced accounts in it. She tried to inform this to Yogesh but he disconnected the call. Arjun shares with her that he doesn’t like his attitude. Vidhi shares with him that he shouldn’t think like that. She might think about their positions too. They were busy in dealing their own project and keeping an eye on staffs. They wants to give respect to our senior staffs.

Dev comes there and appreciated her. Dev greeted Arjun. Vidhi asks him to give respect to him. Dev tells him that only Vidhi can able to teach the business ethics to him. Vidhi admires him and failed to listen what he mentioned to her. She asks herself to control and focus on work. Later, Priya apologize to Sathyavathi for her deeds. She pretended to be innocent there. Sathyavathi demands Abhimanyu to treat her well. She takes her permission to go out. She thinks that it’s better to act like this to them. Later, Yogesh and Kanika are discussing about the old manufacturing project. Yogesh says to her that they schemed high amounts in thar project. Kanika fears to get caught.

Yogesh thinks how comes Vidhi find it out. Arjun comes there and asks them to give textile project to him. Kanika demands him to work on news project instead of it. Arjun tells them that many faults are here in project. They are suspecting Vidhi unnecessary. She is honest and working true for this company. Yogesh tells him that he shouldn’t trust her seeing her innocence. Arjun clears with him that Vidhi seems honest person but someone else is the culprit. He wants to hold that person neck.

Vidhi gives the file to Dev. He appreciates her work. He gets a call from Bal Ghar. He asks Vidhi to accompany him to Bal ghar. She nods with him. Vidhi hesitate to sit beside him. He asks her to sit in front seat. She sits with him. Meanwhile, Kanika and Yogesh are discussing about Dev. They learns from Sangeetha that Dev left the office early. They fears where did he went?

Sangeetha tells her that she doesn’t know. Meanwhile, Dev and Vidhi reaches to Balghar. They learns from the staff about Bal ghar’s problems. Vidhi gets concerned thinking about innocent kids. She prays for the kids. Dev tells her that he had an good idea to stop them. He comes out in disguise. Vidhi inquired him what’s it? Kanika calls Dev to learn his whereabouts? He tells her that he is factory and disconnects the call. He gets scared hearing Vidhi’s name.

Vidhi gets scared seeing Rocky going with them. She asks him to don’t take him along with her. He convince her and make her silent. Both were sit inside the car. Yogesh inquired Arjun where is Vidhi? He tells them that he doesn’t know. He lashes him out in anger. Later Dev and Vidhi sneaked into the warehouse.

Episode end

Precap; Goon will inquire Vidhi what’s she doing here? She will tell him that her dog missing. Goon will demand her to stay there he will bring Rocky back. Later, Dev will come there in disguise

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