Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 21st January 2023 Written Update: Dev’s shocking revelation


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 21st January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vidhi requesting Dev to marry Amba. He denies it. He assures her that nothing will happen to her. Vidhi feels dizzy. He holds her on time. He tells her that he will get married. Both walked in opposite directions. Meanwhile, Amba notices Dev in her house. Dev asks Amba. Will she marry him? He wants to do it today . Amba asks him what’s the matter?

Dev tells her that Vidhi doesn’t have enough time. Amba says that he is a good person. He cares for her this much. She is lucky to marry him. She is going to share her life with a person like Dev. Dev informs her that he will marry her at Vidhi’s house. Amba informs him that Vickram and Chitra went outside. How would she marry him without them? Dev tells her Vidhi’s happiness is important to him. Let’s celebrate our wedding grandly later. Amba nodded at him. Dev calls Vidhi to inform her about this matter. Vidhi shares this news with her family.

Dev shares with Amba that he took this decision recently. He wanted to inform her about it. He says to Satyavati that she wants to see his happiness. He invites her to come to Vidhi’s house in the evening. Here, Satyavati shares this news with Abhimanyu and Priya. Priya asks her if he is going to marry Vidhi? She denies that reasoning he promised her. Later, Dev asks Amba to get ready and leaves. Amba is on cloud nine thinking about her marriage. She feels pity for Vidhi. She is going to witness her marriage with Dev. Her heart was going to stop beating seeing them together. Bimla asks Vidhi why she is doing this? She shouldn’t force him to marry Amba. Vidhi tells her that she is going to die. She doesn’t want to kill Dev with her. She wants to see him leading a happy life with Amba. Meanwhile, Amba checks herself in the mirror. She praises her own appearance. She is in her imaginary world.

Amba reaches Vidhi’s house. She is searching for Dev there. Dev comes there on time. He hugs her in happiness. She says to him that she thought he wouldn’t come. Dev tells her she is lucky for him. He has good news to share with her. Dev brings the doctor Joshi there. He reveals to Amba that he found a drug to cure this rare disease. It will cure her in a single dose. Amba gets shocked to hear it. She says to him that Agarwal said to her clearly it’s impossible to save Vidhi. It’s an incurable disease. Dev says to her he is a scientist. He found a medicine for it. Amba asks him to stop believing him. He shouldn’t play with Vidhi’s life. She doesn’t have enough time in her life. She won’t allow him to give fake hope to Vidhi to break her heart. Dev tells her that he will take her to a foreign country to cure her.

Amba asks him to marry her first. Let’s take her for further treatment. Dev brings Agarwal there. Amba demands Aggarwal say it is impossible to save Vidhi. Dev asks him to think carefully before he says anything. Agarwal tells him that Joshi is right. Amba says that it’s impossible to save her. He is lying to him. He is a fraud.

Dev asks her how could she accuse him? Amba spills out the beans in stress. She reveals to him that she demanded him to mention a disease which is incurable. She realises her mistake and checks Dev’s expression. She was shocked to see everyone there. Dev reveals to everyone that Vidhi is alright. Hariprasad and Bimla are happy to learn that news. Dev adds that Amba threatened him by saying something like that. He narrates the incident with them. Agarwal apologizes to Hariprasad for his lies. He regrets his mistakes. Dev adds that Amba created this misunderstanding between them. Dev exposed Amba in front of everyone.

Episode end

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