Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 21st November 2022 Written Update: Amba’s surprising move


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 21st November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Hariprasad informing to Vidhi that her parents visiting office often. His office have some decorum. He asks her to tell them they shouldn’t visit the office often. Vidhi apologize to him. Bimla says to Vidhi that he is right. They shouldn’t have visited the office often.

Meanwhile, Hariprasad says to Bimla that he shouldn’t shout on Vidhi like that? Her face turned dull. Bimla tells him that office has certain rules. They might follow it or at least informed to her before. Hariprasad disappointed with Dev. He asks Bimla to go to home he has work to do. Vidhi meets Dev and tells him it’s not him. He is trying to be act like someone else. He shouldn’t have insulted her parents like that. This is not him and his character. She is aware why he is doing this all. She pleads with him to don’t try to act like that. It’s not suit to his character and leaves from there. Dev thinks that it’s hard for him to act like that.

Meanwhile, Amba and Priya visit the jewelry shop. Hariprasad notices her and welcome her. She informs him that she is here to buy a ring for her engagement. Priya tells her this is a small showroom. Why she is buying ring from this small shop? Hariprasad shows the ring to Amba. She asks him to show beautiful ring for her. He shows the customized ring to her. Hariprasad asks the server to bring the cool drinks for them. Priya refuses to drink the juice. Priya says that samosa is too oily and calories are high in it. it’s street food she won’t eat cheap food. Owner scolds Hariprasad for giving cheapest food for them. Amba glares at him. Mistakenly her hands hit the juice. It falls down.

Owner scolds Hariprasad and says that he is good for nothing. He demands him to clean the floor. Hariprasad cleaning it. Amba asks the owner to say the amount! He mentions 2 and half lakhs. Amba demands him to say the worth of that shop. He mentions 5 crores. She offers 10 crores to him and give the blank cheque to him. She handsover the key to Hariprasad. She says to him that he is the owner of this shop here after. Amba demands the previous owner to work under him for the extra money. She demands him to clean the floor. He assures to do it. She assures him that papers will reach to his hand in few days.

Priya asks Amba what’s going on here? She tells her that she has a reason to do everything. Vidhi notices Amba there. Vidhi thinks that she doesn’t feel good seeing her there. Previous owner says to Hariprasad that he was trying to sell this shop. He got a chance to sell it because of him. He doesn’t have any problems to work under him. Vidhi comes there. Hariprasad notices her there. Previous owner tells her that she is daughter of new owner. Hariprasad says to Vidhi that he doesn’t know what’s going on here? Amba brought this shop and handover the keys to him. Vidhi tells him that he shouldn’t accept this from Amba.

Whatever the situation, he shouldn’t accept it. Hariprasad tells her that he isn’t feeling good too. After the engagement over. He will return the key to her. Later, Urmila orders the event management person to decorate everything well in their house. Bimla comes there and asks her to talk with Priya or Amba about it. Their suggestions is important to arrange everything. Urmila send him from there and argue with Bimla for mentioning their name in front of him. Both ends up arguing with each other. Golden asks her to stop arguing. She suggests something to her but she ignored her.

Later, Dev thinks that he shouldn’t change his character her for anyone. But he might stoop low in front of Vidhi to change her impression on him. Meanwhile, Hariprasad hears the music and doubts what’s going on there. Everyone gets surprised to see Amba there. Dev tries to write a letter for Vidhi. Sathyavathi comes there and noticed it. Amba shares with them that she is here to meet Vidhi. She tells her that she played an important role in her life to unite her with him. She feeds sweets to her. Vidhi thinks that she is aware that Amba is here to hurt her.

Episode end

Precap: Dev will ask Vidhi to help him write a apology letter for him. Vidhi will question him about that letter

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