Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 21st September 2022 Written Update: Vidhi gets worried


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 21st September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev asks Vidhi to take half day leave if she feel tired. Vidhi sleeps on his shoulder. Dev reminds the way Vidhi solves his problems. He thinks that she is talking nicely always. He reminds the fortune teller words. She apologized to him for sleeping on his shoulder. Beggar asks them to donate money to him.

Vidhi shares with him that she will give money to him reasoning he won’t keep change with him. She gets surprised to see him give change to the beggar. Vidhi asks him does he learn to keep change with him? Dev shares to her that Vidhi suggested this to him. Vidhi thank him for accepts her idea. She again thanking him for make her feels comfortable with Rocky. She is not scared of him anymore. Dev smiles at her. He drops her near her home and leaves. Vidhi thinks that he looks good when he smiles. She will do anything to make him happy.

Kanika shares with Yogesh that she is tired. She doesn’t know which storm awaits for them? It’s all happening because of Vidhi. Dev starts checking small things because of her. Later, Vidhi narrate to her mom what happened today. She is exited to share with her that she isn’t scared of Rocky anymore. She requests mom to buy a new pet. Bimla denies it. She asks Bimla to bring Rocky to home one day. She assured to her. Bimla thank God for making her Vidhi bold. She isn’t scared of dog anymore. Later, Vidhi keeps reminding about Dev and feels nervous realising her feelings for Dev.

Meanwhile, Dev reminds the way Vidhi helped him to free the child from thugs. He thinks that Vidhi keeps bringing changes in his life. She is magical one. Here, Vidhi tries to find out her feelings for Dev and prays to god. Later, Sathyavathi notices the news about Dev in newspaper. She reads the news thoroughly. She thinks that Dev didn’t share anything to her. She goes to confront him but gets shocked to see his state. She helps him to first aid his wound. She questions him what’s the need to risk his life to save kids? Why don’t he take police help? Dev shares with her that he shouldn’t have another option.

It’s happened accidentally. She gets disappointed with him. Later, Urmila reached to home and creates a scene with Bimla. She complaints that Vidhi got married send her with him. Bimla shares with her that she saw the newspaper too. So stop pouring fuel in the fire. Urmila trying to look down on Vidhi. Neighbours comes there to appreciate Vidhi for saving many child from thugs.

Sathyavathi questions Dev does he really thought she won’t let him stay in his mom’s house. She will never come inbetween his mom and him. If he stay in Balghar her love for him never fade away. He is her eldest son legally and her heart. He hugs her in happiness. Meanwhile, Kanika and Yogesh are discussing with each other about Balghar incident. Arjun thinks how come Vidhi is with him? Ananya helps Vidhi to put password to her laptop. She alerts her that she shouldn’t share it with anyone and keep it secret. Dev comes there and asks Vidhi doesn’t he give leave to her?

Vidhi assured to him that she is feeling better. He asks her to collect message from all staffs what’s love for them? Vidhi gets surprised to hear it. She asks him to share what’s love? He asks her to don’t include boss in it. Sangeetha suggests Dev to share his thoughts too.

Episode end

Precap; Dev will share his thoughts with his staff. Dev and Vidhi will cut the cake together. Vidhi will feed the cake to him.

The episode starts with Goon stops Vidhi and inquires her why is she here? It’s private property. Strangers are not allowed here. She shares with him that her dog Rocky sneaked into their house. Goons assures her to return Rocky to her but she might stay there. She nods with him. Later, Dev noticed goons are forcing children to work.

Dev records it in his phone. He asks Vidhi to stay here until he comes back. He asks her doesn’t she trust him? She nods to him. Goons surrounded Vidhi and inquires her what’s she doing here? Vidhi shares with them that she lost her dog. It’s entered into their house mistakely. Goons notices Dev there and question him too? He lies to him the same. They tries to attack them but Dev stop them. Dev whistle there dog runs to them. Dev pretends like asking Vidhi to learn how to whistle.

Vidhi assured him that she will learn it. Dev shares with them that he is a broker. He will supply labours to factory. He just needs commission for it. He have small and elder labours too. Goons suspects him and asks his henchman to check them. Whether he have any hidden camera or not? Dog not allow them to come near them. Dev lies to them that Rocky is Vidhi’s dog. They inquired him who is she to him? He lies to them that he is her uncle.

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