Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 22nd September 2022 Written Update: Arjun’s plan failed


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 22nd September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kanika asking Arjun to don’t cling with them a lot. Someone will find out their relationship with each other. Arjun assures to her that he will take care of it. Vidhi comes there and asks Yogesh to define Love in a word. She shares with them that Dev asked her to do it. Arjun adds that he is an amazing Boss. Vidhi demands him to mention him as Dev sir. She leaves from there. Arjun shares with his parents that Vidhi always thinking about work.

Meanwhile, Dev greets the staff in conference room. He inquires them where is the bowl? Vidhi brings it there. He shares with his employees that because of their contribution Raichand group of company succed in industrial, fertilizer, chemical, real estate and auto mobiles. He is thankful to them. He adds that whenever they gets free time 79% people will listen to music.

Everyone likes music so, he decided to buy an radio station. Yogesh shares with him that he might buy a company which gives profit to them. He doesn’t think Radio station will bring profit to them. Dev adds that he can able to understand it. Industries will be his main business but this radio station will be his side business. He asks them to raise their hand if they are supporting his decision. Most of them raised their hands supporting him. Kanika signals Arjun to leave.

Arjun checks the laptop of Vidhi. He gets surprised to see the password in it. He tries to open it but couldn’t. Sangeetha questions him what is he doing here? He lies to her that he needs some files from her. Sangeetha demands him to wait until Vidhi return. He manages the situation there.

Meanwhile, Dev reading everyone opinion about Love. Vidhi asks him to share what is the meaning of love according to him. How will he define it? He shares with them that love is a beautiful feeling. It’s important role is to understand each other. He defines love in his point of view. Vidhi admires him when he shares his feelings to them. Vidhi recollects her moments with Dev. She hallucinate that Dev opening up his feelings towards her.

Vidhi comes out her imginary world when everyone claps at him. Dev asks everyone to support them in his Radio station idea. Dev lost his kerchief but Vidhi noticed it. Dev inquires Yogesh and Kanika about their love? They pretends like ideal couple in front of him. Vidhi takes his kerchief and caress it.

Amba comes there and says that she never thought she will go to this extreme. She has dare to go out with Boss and save those kids. Amba congratulates her for her brilliant job. She appreciates Dev for having loyal employees of him. She adds that she doesn’t like such girls close to him. But she is sure he doesn’t care about them. Vidhi tells her that he cares about her. Not only her but also everyone.

Meanwhile, Vidhi noticed the employees are together. Ananya congratulated Vidhi for her work. Arjun makes fun of her. Amba gives bouquet to Dev and congratulates him for his brilliant work. Dev clears to her that he doesn’t like someone bringing his personal life in public. Amba shares with him that she is celebrating it with his staffs.

Lets celebrate it again with his family. She asks him to cut the cake. Dev asks Vidhi to cut it along with him. Amba dislike the way they cuts the cake together. He feeds to Vidhi. Amba takes Dev from there. Arjun applies cake on her face to play with her. Kanika complaints to Yogesh that Vidhi trying to cling with Dev in office and outside too. Amba flirting with Dev. Vidhi dislikes it.

Episode end

Precap: Amba will share to Vidhi that many girls are ready to love Dev. But he doesn’t need anyone in his love. Vidhi will get shock to hear that Amba is in love with Dev.

The episode starts with Dev asks Vidhi to take half day leave if she feel tired. Vidhi sleeps on his shoulder. Dev reminds the way Vidhi solves his problems. He thinks that she is talking nicely always. He reminds the fortune teller words. She apologized to him for sleeping on his shoulder. Beggar asks them to donate money to him.

Vidhi shares with him that she will give money to him reasoning he won’t keep change with him. She gets surprised to see him give change to the beggar. Vidhi asks him does he learn to keep change with him? Dev shares to her that Vidhi suggested this to him. Vidhi thank him for accepts her idea. She again thanking him for make her feels comfortable with Rocky. She is not scared of him anymore. Dev smiles at her. He drops her near her home and leaves. Vidhi thinks that he looks good when he smiles. She will do anything to make him happy.

Kanika shares with Yogesh that she is tired. She doesn’t know which storm awaits for them? It’s all happening because of Vidhi. Dev starts checking small things because of her. Later, Vidhi narrate to her mom what happened today. She is exited to share with her that she isn’t scared of Rocky anymore. She requests mom to buy a new pet. Bimla denies it. She asks Bimla to bring Rocky to home one day. She assured to her. Bimla thank God for making her Vidhi bold. She isn’t scared of dog anymore. Later, Vidhi keeps reminding about Dev and feels nervous realising her feelings for Dev.

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