Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 23rd September 2022 Written Update: Amba confronts Vidhi


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 23rd September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vidhi sharing with Ananya that Amba is not Dev’s wife then why is she taking him inside? Ananya tells her that Chithra married to Amba’s brother. They are relative so nothing is wrong in it. Meanwhile, Arjun inquiring Vidhi about her password. Before she sharing it to him Dev comes there.

He informs to his employees that he needs a brillant idea for Radio station. He asks them to select one person name from the bowl. They might accept that person as their partner. They can work together and gives idea to him. Ananya gets Rishaba’s name. Vidhi tries to change Arjun’s name but Dev stopped her. Arjun tells Vidhi that she is lucky That’s why she got his name. Vidhi glares at him.

Hariprasad buys a newspaper. Newspaper seller shares with Hariprasad that his daughter made him proud. Her picture came in newspaper. Hariprasad shares with him that he will frame this news and hang it on his house. He notices Kallu’s daughter there and tries to stop her. She leaves from there with someone else. Hariprasad calls Kallu and alerts him. Later, Vidhi is sharing her thoughts with Arjun. She defines Love while reminds Dev. Arjun tells her that he wants to impress Dev. Lets discuss about it. Vidhi shares with him that she is getting late to home. Arjun assured to drop her in home. Vidhi hesitated to take him to home. Dev comes there and asks Vidhi why is she hesitating to go home with Arjun?

Vidhi shares with Dev that Hariprasad is strict person. He won’t accept it all. Dev tells her he is dropping her in home. She can able to introduce him as her Colleague. They have one project to finish before dead line. He convince her. Dev inquires Vidhi about her wound? He apologized to her for hurting her. He thanked her for trusting him. Vidhi admired him. Meanwhile, Sangeetha gives Amba’s bag to her. She tells her that Amba left it in office. She request her to return it to her. Vidhi assured her.

Vidhi noticed Dev’s kerchief. She smells it and caressed it. Amba says to her it’s interesting. She will share two things to her. She is in love with Dev. Vidhi gets surprised to hear it. Amba clears with her that it’s just a infatuation. She wants to see him and take care of his things. It’s all called puppy love. She asks her to stop taking it seriously. It’s common in her her age to fall in love with someone. She can able to choose correct path now.

Amba shares with her what is love. She defines true love to Vidhi. Amba adds that many persons are here to love Dev. But he doesn’t need her love at all. Vidhi reminds that Amba is Dev’s lover. Hariprasad shares with Kallu about his daughter. Kallu assured to him that Suman is a traditional one. She won’t betray him. He assured him about it and leaves. Meanwhile Vidhi reaches home with Arjun.

Episode end

Precap: Ananya will congratulate Vidhi for her marriage. Vidhi will share this matter to Dev. Dev will get angry on him.

The episode starts with Kanika asking Arjun to don’t cling with them a lot. Someone will find out their relationship with each other. Arjun assures to her that he will take care of it. Vidhi comes there and asks Yogesh to define Love in a word. She shares with them that Dev asked her to do it. Arjun adds that he is an amazing Boss. Vidhi demands him to mention him as Dev sir. She leaves from there. Arjun shares with his parents that Vidhi always thinking about work.

Meanwhile, Dev greets the staff in conference room. He inquires them where is the bowl? Vidhi brings it there. He shares with his employees that because of their contribution Raichand group of company succed in industrial, fertilizer, chemical, real estate and auto mobiles. He is thankful to them. He adds that whenever they gets free time 79% people will listen to music.

Everyone likes music so, he decided to buy an radio station. Yogesh shares with him that he might buy a company which gives profit to them. He doesn’t think Radio station will bring profit to them. Dev adds that he can able to understand it. Industries will be his main business but this radio station will be his side business. He asks them to raise their hand if they are supporting his decision. Most of them raised their hands supporting him. Kanika signals Arjun to leave.

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