Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 24th January 2023 Written Update: Amba’s cunning move


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 24th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vidhi saying to Satyavati that she needs her blessing. She won’t marry him without her blessings. Satyavati feeds sweets to her and tells her that she is happy for Dev. He was lucky to get her in his life. She was selfish in her matters. She apologizes to Vidhi for not understanding her. Vidhi stops her and consoles her. Satyavati asks Bimla to do the shagun for them. Let’s arrange their wedding. Hariprasad says to them that he will arrange his daughter’s wedding grandly. Vidhi hugs him in happiness. Meanwhile, Bimla and Hariprasad are worried about their financial status. Hariprasad asks her not to share this with Vidhi. Let’s manage this situation. Bimla tells him that there is only one coin left in their hand. How will he handle this situation?

Vidhi has a nightmare. Bimla worries about Vidhi. She tells her that Amba broke our trust. She advises her to stop thinking about Amba. Meanwhile, Abhimanyu and Sathyavathi are teasing Dev by mentioning Vidhi’s name. He asks him to change his dress. Here, Bimla gifts a new dress for Vidhi. Seema praises that design. Bimla tells her that she is going to become a Raichand family daughter-in-law. She shouldn’t wear normal clothes like before. Seema suggested doing a Bollywood-themed party. She denies it, reasoning Dev dislikes it. Later, Dev worries about Chithra. Satyavati assures him that he will make her understand it. She will attend his wedding.

Later, Vidhi visits Dev’s house. Satyavati gives a grand welcome to her. Bimla feels happy to see their love in Vidhi. Amba looks at herself in the mirror. She thinks that Dev looked down on her love for him. He saw her love for him. But hereafter he is going to face her hate for him. She won’t let him live in peace. Meanwhile, Abhimanyu says to Vidhi that he wants to treat her well. She is going to be his sister-in-law. Satyavati makes Vidhi wear bangles. She does the shagun for her. The priest asks Vidhi’s parents to do it. Bimla and Hariprasad hesitate to do it, thinking about their financial status. Satyavati tells him it may be a small one. But it’s a precious one for her. The priest fixed Vidhi’s marriage date. He praises their Jodi.

Abhimanyu scolds Priya for not attending the rituals. Everyone is searching for her. Priya gets a message from Amba. Abhimanyu complaints that she is behaving like a stranger at Dev’s engagement ceremony. She asks him to check the news. He rushes from there to alert Dev. Abhimanyu turns on the TV. Everyone is shocked to see Amba’s interview with Dev Raichand. Amba informs the media that Dev Raichand broke her heart and engagement in front of everyone.

She is here to tear Dev’s true face. She challenges him to face her. Abhimanyu tells him that he never expected this girl would stoop this low. Dev says to him that she will go to any extremes. Satyavati demands him to stop it. She is ruining his name and family reputation. Dev assures Hariprasad to solve this issue and leave from there.

Episode end

Precap; Amba will question Dev why did he gave Chithra’s hand to her brother if he considering her as mentally unstable? Doesn’t he give a hint to her that he has feelings on her. Dev will tell her that he already answered to her questions. Vidhi will arrive there and inform to everyone that she will answer to her question.

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