Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 24th September 2022 Written Update: Arjun proposed to Vidhi


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 24th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Hariprasad gets shocked to see Vidhi returned to home with Arjun. Hariprasad stare him in confusion. Vidhi asks him to remove his shoe reasoning they have temple in her house. Vidhi shares with Hariprasad that he is working in his office. There is one important pending work to finish. Dev sir asked them to work in home then sitting in office.

Hariprasad nods to her. Bimla says to him that she will prepare snacks for him. Arjun asks her to give food to him reasoning he is hungry. Arjun praised Vidhi’s house. He asked Hariprasad to share about the temple. He wants to give pose to him. He will upload everything in social media. Vidhi tells him that they are here to do their work. He can take this video later. Arjun tells her it’s important to him.

Bimla asks Vidhi what’s the need to bring him home? Vidhi shares with her that Dev sir sent him home to finish her work. Bimla complaints that she is not studying in school to finish her home work. What will neighbour think about her when they see her with Arjun. She asks her husband to take care of this matter. He nods with her. She asks her where will they work? Vidhi mentions her that she will finish it in her room. Hariprasad denied it and demands her to do it living room. Bimla worries about Vidhi. She shares with Bimla that Arjun is a good person nothing to worry. Doesn’t she trust her daughter?

Arjun is a talkative person but he doesn’t hide anything in his heart. She asks her to cook something. Meanwhile, Arjun asks Hariprasad to share something about this temple. Hariprasad shares about temple to him. Vidhi shares with him that Matha Rani needs rest sometimes. He assured to work with her. Vidhi and Arjun are discussing about love. Hariprasad keeps staring them in suspicious. Arjun proposed to her.

Meanwhile, Dev giving interview to Media people. He explains to them what happened in Balghar. She inquired him who is that lady with him? He tells her that she is working in his office. He finished the interview with a happy note. Later, Bimla asks Vidhi to get ready in evening.

Hariprasad brings one alliance for her. She wants to reach home asap. Vidhi nods with her. Later, Arjun asks Vidhi to close her eyes and check who coming into her thoughts. She reminds her parents and Dev. She shares what’s on her mind? She adds that love doesn’t have age. She opens her eyes to witness Dev in front of her. She gets shocked to see him there. She asks him why is Arjun looking like Dev? Dev brings her back to world. He asks her to concentrate on her work.

Meanwhile, Arjun tells her that they wants to do another session in her home. Lets finish this project asap. Vidhi tells him that it’s impossible because she got one alliance. Ananya congratulated her for her marriage. Arjun tells her that he wants to watch it. Vidhi denies it reasoning it’s personal thing. He tells her that many works are pending. She gives permission to him. Later, Vidhi asks Dev to give half day permission to her. She reminds Amba’s words. She asks him what is infatuation? Dev shared his point of view about it. Vidhi admired him and leaves. Later she reached to home. She is not interested in that alliance. Arjun reaches there. Hariprasad asks him to go inside.

Episode end

The episode starts with Vidhi sharing with Ananya that Amba is not Dev’s wife then why is she taking him inside? Ananya tells her that Chithra married to Amba’s brother. They are relative so nothing is wrong in it. Meanwhile, Arjun inquiring Vidhi about her password. Before she sharing it to him Dev comes there.

He informs to his employees that he needs a brillant idea for Radio station. He asks them to select one person name from the bowl. They might accept that person as their partner. They can work together and gives idea to him. Ananya gets Rishaba’s name. Vidhi tries to change Arjun’s name but Dev stopped her. Arjun tells Vidhi that she is lucky That’s why she got his name. Vidhi glares at him.

Hariprasad buys a newspaper. Newspaper seller shares with Hariprasad that his daughter made him proud. Her picture came in newspaper. Hariprasad shares with him that he will frame this news and hang it on his house. He notices Kallu’s daughter there and tries to stop her. She leaves from there with someone else. Hariprasad calls Kallu and alerts him. Later, Vidhi is sharing her thoughts with Arjun. She defines Love while reminds Dev. Arjun tells her that he wants to impress Dev. Lets discuss about it. Vidhi shares with him that she is getting late to home. Arjun assured to drop her in home. Vidhi hesitated to take him to home. Dev comes there and asks Vidhi why is she hesitating to go home with Arjun?

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