Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 26th January 2023 Written Update: Amba faces humiliation


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 26th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vidhi sharing with the media that she is going to get married to Dev with their family blessings. She doesn’t want to snatch her life from Amba. Amba tells her that she mentioned her name as Mrs. Raichand on Milapini Devi’s invitation card. Why did she like that? Vidhi tells her that it was her mistake. But she was the one who misguided her. She demanded her to mention her like that.

Amba gets furious hearing it. Vidhi adds that Amba hides many of Dev’s things in her house. She is protecting it in her house like a museum. Vidhi asks her if she is not wrong, then denies it. She wanted to ask one more thing. If she was in a relationship with Dev Raichand, then she would have stopped her when she fell in love with him too. She would have asked Dev Raichand to keep Vidhi away from their relationship. If he is hers, then what’s the need to separate him from her?

Amba printed a poster with her colleagues to create a bad impression on her. Her intention was her family and Dev wanted to look down on her. Don’t dare to deny that she isn’t aware of it. Because she has records with her. She gifted a shop to her father to manipulate him against her. She announced to everyone that Vidhi had a rare disease and was going to die asap to stop her wedding with Dev. She lied to them that she was going to die. If her love for him is true. Then she wouldn’t hurt him like that. She needs justice. The media comment that Amba is a cheater. She is a drama queen. She created a fake report to separate Vidhi from Dev. She dared to face the media with this innocent face.

Urmila complaints that Vidhi ruined their family name. Hariprasad stops her. The media questioned Vidhi. How did she face this situation bravely? Vidhi says that she isn’t lying. Truth will win in the end. Dev teaches her to face everything brave. The media asks Dev when he is going to get married to her? He mentions the 25th.

Amba glares at Vidhi and walks away. Vidhi notices her. Meanwhile, Urmila creates a scene there. She says that she ruined their family reputation. Neighbours badmouth them. Urmila notices the jewellery there. Bimla tells her that her in-law gave this to them. She gifts that to Urmila. Pramod tells him that she is right. The relatives will create a scene. Hariprasad complained that those relatives didn’t come to see him in the hospital. When Vidhi went to jail they didn’t go there. Dev came to help them. He won’t get a perfect son-in-law like him. Urmila creates an agreement with them. Hariprasad agrees to do it.

Amba breaks things in anger and is determined to take revenge on them. Meanwhile, Satyavati and Vidhi reach home. Satyavati shares with Bimla that she is lucky to get Vidhi as her daughter-in-law. She couldn’t have found a better girl for Dev than her. Dev tells her that he is lucky to have her in his life. Meanwhile, Neelam and her husband arrive there. Neelam says to Hariprasad that she won’t go inside to hurt him. They are here to bless Dev and Vidhi.

She praises Vidhi for her bold speech. Hariprasad stops them before leaving. He invites them to join them to celebrate wedding preparations. He apologizes to Pratap for treating him badly. He misunderstands their relationship. He is happy to get Dev as his son-in-law. Meanwhile, Yogesh stops Amba. He tells her that he hates him. Amba demands him to attend their wedding to ruin their happiness. Later, Dev and Abhimanyu are teasing Satyavati for being over excited to welcome Vidhi. Everyone was surprised to see Dev’s badi maa arriving there.

Episode end

Precap; Vidhi will share with Dev Raichand that her dad doesn’t have enough money to arrange their wedding grandly. She adds that he hesitate to inform them. Later, Abhimanyu will show their wedding invitation card to Hariprasad. He will be shocked to hear the price of it.

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