Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 28th July 2022 Written Update: Amba is on cloud nine


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 28th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vidhi asks her dad whom knocking their door in this late night? They discuss with each other where to hide the ring? Hariprasad’s daughter asks him to open the door no one will find out the truth lets hide the ring in sofa. Hariprasad opens the door rest of them are ready to attack the person in behind. Hariprasad’s brother gets shocked to see them in that state.

He shares to them that Urmila created a scene in his room when he supports Vidhi. He mentioned her as child but Urmila didn’t liked it just kicked him out of his room. He says to his brother that he will sleep in his room today. Hariprasad’s family gets nervous seeing him there. He asks them to go to bed and drifts into sleep in sofa. Vidhi’s sister takes the ring from sofa without her chacha’s knowledge.

Meanwhile Abhimanyu cooks delicious sweets for his sister Chithra. His wife ruins it and complaints to him that he is a popular business tycoon Dev’s brother how could he cook sweets to his sister? He shouldn’t value to emotional things. She shows to him how did Dev preparing to welcome Chithra in home.

Later Hariprasad advises Vidhi to follow this direction only. She shouldn’t lose her way to office and return the ring to him. She shouldn’t talk with anyone in bus. Hariprasad’s brother notices that his brother whispering something to Vidhi and enquires them what’s going on? Somehow they manages to lie with them.

Dev arranges flower path to welcome Chithra. But he gets surprised to see Amba there. She says to him that he is so sweet. If he likes her presence means then she would have entered into his life before itself. Dev says to her that he arranged it for Chithra.

Amba asjs him doesn’t he like her coming here? Sathyavath welcomes her there. Later Vidhi travelling in bus someone sits beside her she lies to that lady her father is police commissioner when did she starts talking with her. Meanwhile Amba and Chithra refuses to eat the sweets prepared by Abhimanyu.

Dev tastes it and praises the taste not to hurt his brother. Abhi’s wife says to them their chef cooked it he likes their cooking a lot. Sathyavath asks Dev she feels like he knew Amba before. He refuses to answer them and about to leave. Amba asks him to show the place to her. He says to her that Abhimanyu will help her to do it and leaves.

Vidhi gets hallucinations that all are trying to take ring from her. Later Amba gets excited seeing Dev’s room and enjoys spending time there. Dev talking with his father. He gets emotional thinking about his sister. His friend come there and says to him he done a mistake by giving that ring to that girl. Lets go to police station and complaint against her. He strongly believes that she will come back. Meanwhile Vidhi reaches there but security didn’t send her in.

Episode end

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