Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 2nd August 2022 Written Update: Dev Reads Amba’s letter


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 2nd August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev finds Amba’s letter from his bed. He starts reading it. Which saying her love for him. She added in it she promised to herself 15 years before that won’t tie her hair till she get married to him. Today she reached to his room soon she will enter into his life too. Meanwhile Nima gets ready to go out. Her friend visits them and gives gift to Vidhi and Seema.

She says to her that her son sent money to her she wanna use that to roam out with Nima after that they will attend Satsang together. Nima hesitate to accept those gifts but she convinces her. She asks Vidhi Is her room neat and clean or she gave it to someone else? Vidhi tells her it’s clean and always available for her. She gives sweets box to Nima and goes inside.

Meanwhile Ria gives cooking related book to Abhimanyu and she takes another magazine to read. She asks servants Is her husband cooked anything special today? He denies it. Their daughter comes there and shows family drawing to him. Ria mocks at her husband after seeing Sibi sketched him like a cook. She asks her daughter to lie with her friends about her dad’s occupation.

Seema says to Nima that Mini aunty used to gift them always when will they return gift to her. Vidhi says to them let’s walk to school this month then they can save their budget and gifts something to her. Nima appreciates her idea. Meanwhile Ria is insulting Abhimanyu in dining table. Dev asks them to stop it. Dev says to kid someone didn’t hugged him. She hugs him in happiness.

Dev asks her to hear the song and scolds Ria and Abhimanyu for talking like this in front of kid. They shouldn’t behave like this in front of kid. Abhimanyu refuses to take food and leaves. Dev takes his kid outside without eating anything. Ria says that food tasting good. Sathyavath complaints that her husband left without eating anything but she is eating here.

Ria complaints that she sacrificed manything for this family not in this. Later Vidhi lost the way back to school. She notices Dev eating breakfast with his brother’s daughter. Vidhi thinks that he may came here to take break fast with his daughter. She reminds him helping her and thinks he is a very good person that’s why he supported her.

Dev notices Vidhi shaking her hand to him. He asks the kid Is she know her? She deny it. Vidhi writes Thank you in umbrella and shows it to him. Security asks her to leave from there. She says to him that she wanna thank Dev sir that’s it. She apologize to him and walks away thinking she shouldn’t have disturb his family time. She again gets confused thinking about Path. She notices her mom there. She follows her behind.

Nima shares to her friends about the alliance came for Vidhi and job offers. Nima feels proud hearing about it. Mini asks her when did she going to work? Nima tells her that Hariprasad deny it. She asks her why didn’t she make him understand? She says to him if he can understand her well then she wouldn’t have worked here lying to them attending Sathsang. Vidhi gets shock to hear it.

Meanwhile Dev talking with a client. Her gets a bouquet from Amba. He hides the letter from his colleagues. later Vidhi says to her mom dad will get angry on her if dad caught her. She tells her she will go to work. Mom advises her he will get angry on her. She assures her that she will convince him. Dev gets irritate reading Amba’s letter.

Episode end

The episode starts with Dev reaches to Vidhi’s house and notices temple there. He removes his shoe to enter inside. He hears groom family questioning Vidhi Is she know to cook? Vidhi nods with her. She asks her to tell how to cook it? Vidhi stammers to answer her.

Groom’s mom says to Vidhi that she doesn’t know to do any household work it seems. She hears many good thinks about her outside that’s why they brings this alliance to her but they confirmed that they betrayed them. She doesn’t know anything no one will dare to marry their daughter. Dev comes there and brings back the money to her. Dev shares to groom family that Vidhi had his 40lakhs worth ring.

Though she came to his office to return it. He praises her honesty there. Groom’s mom says to them that Vidhi is good for nothing she is not deserve to anyone daughter in law. She demands Dev to leave from there. Dev leaves but changes his mind later. Doesn’t they know rich person then why didn’t they get their daughter married to him instead of searching for a middle class.

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