Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 2nd February 2023 Written Update: Vidhi on cloud nine


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 2nd February 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vidhi thinking that her parents used their savings to arrange this wedding. If Dev does not agree with her condition then it will hurt her parents. Meanwhile, Dev recalls Vidhi’s words. He doubted why she put forth conditions with him. He thinks that he might respect her decision. Later, Priya shares with Dhamayanthi that she found the best mehandi designer. The lawyer arrived there.

Abhimanyu notices him. He informs him that Dev called him. Dhamayanthi says that Vidhi created issues before marrying Dev. She demanded his rights, it seems. Priya says that if he gives anything to Vidhi, then she will ask for her legal rights. Hariprasad and Bimla ask Vidhi why she isn’t coming out for the Mehandi function? They are worried about her decision. Hariprasad asks her to share it with him. Vidhi asks them to give her a little time. She will join them asap. Meanwhile, Dev shares with Abhimanyu that he will continue as CEO of our company. But he will be an employee of that company. He is giving all the rights to Abhimanyu. He will be the owner of Raichand company.

Abhimanyu denies it. Dev says to him that he has already decided to do it. He gives the legal document to Priya. He says to her that he transferred the mansion to her name. Priya is happy to hear that. She thanked him. He gives Satyavati’s shares to her and the remaining documents to Abhimanyu. Dev shares with Abhimanyu that it was his desire. He wanted to see Abhimanyu sitting in the Raichand company chairman position. He had already promised dad to give that position to him.

Satyavati asks him what he will do then? Dev shares with her that she is his mom. That is enough for him. Whenever he met Vidhi he found her different. She has a solution for every problem. She helped him to make a good decision in this matter. Satyavati shares with him that she is supporting his decision. He wouldn’t have taken this decision without thinking. Dev tells Dhamayanthi that he doesn’t want to snatch anything from them. Dev takes his leave. Dhamayanthi says that it’s a new drama for him. Satyavati asks her to stop it.

Later, Dev visits Vidhi’s parents. He shares with them that Vidhi demands him to leave his properties to his family name. As she wished, he transferred everything that was in his name to his family name. He is an employee of Raichand company. He is not the richest person anymore. He left that tag for her. He fulfilled her desire. He asks their opinion about it. Hariprasad shared with him that he wanted to find a person who loved his daughter. He is happy about his decision. He took this decision for his daughter. That’s enough for him. Now he has no inferiority complex towards him. Urmila hears their conversation and thinks that he made the worst decision. She thinks that she won’t get any shakun from them.

Vidhi hears the knocking sound. She comes out to search for Dev but he isn’t there. Dev comes there and informs Vidhi that he has fulfilled her desire. Will she marry him now? Vidhi nods at him. Dev writes his name in her hand using mehandi. Both share an eyelock. Amba writes Dev’s name in her hand. She thinks that he is hers. If he doesn’t belong to her, then he doesn’t deserve to live in this world. Later, Dev collides with a strange girl. Both apologize to each other and leave.

Episode end

Precap; Priya will dance at a Sangeeth function. Kanika and Yogesh will give a special performance. Dev will take Vidhi on stage. A strange girl will greet Dev and Vidhi

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