Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 3rd August 2022 Written Update: Vidhi opens up with Hariprasad


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 3rd August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Urmila shows her anger on vegetable seller. Her husband asks her what’s bothering her? Urmila says to him, Hariprasad rejected such big offer. She has no idea why did Dev offered job to that mental? She heard Neighbours discussing something. Urmila asks her husband to join with them. Meanwhile Priest says to Hariprasad that he needs money immediately so he gonna sell this gold. Hariprasad asks him Is he arranged marriage for his daughter or needs money for her education? He denies it.

Priest says, his daughter got job outside the city si he wanna sell gold to send her there. Hariprasad tries to explain him it’s wrong to sell gold chain. Priest says to him if his daughter got job then her life will be better and she can develop her carrier there. Hariprasad asks him why did he sending his daughter to work outside instead of bringing good alliance for her? Urmila asks her husband to join with them.

Hariprasad’s brother comes there and informs to all that Dev offered job to Vidhi but his brother rejected it. Neighbours says to him it’s not a easy thing to get a job in Dev’s company. Many people’s are working hard day and night to get a job in his company but here Hariprasad rejected his offer like this. They advises him to send Vidhi to work there. Vidhi and Bimla reaches there and hears their conversation.

Urmila says that Vidhi don’t work there if she wanna work she will help her in beauty parlour. Neighbour says to her it’s better Vidhi goes out and develop her carrier. Urmila asks them will they take responsibility if something happen to her? Hariprasad asks them to stop discussing about it. He says to them it’s his daughter life. He is well aware what’s right and wrong he don’t need outsiders helps to take a decision in his family matters. Vidhi gets nervous hearing it but Bimla convinces her she will take care of it.

Later Bimla asks Vidhi and Seema to start their plan seeing Hariprasad. Bimla pretends like she is narrating the story to her daughter what did Guruji said to her. Bimla asks Vidhi what’s her wish she will fulfill it? Vidhi says to Bimla that she wanna join in Dev’s company with dad’s permission. Bimla tells her that she will talk with dad about it.

Hariprasad lashes out at her for changing his daughter mind. Bimla asks him why did he not allowing his daughter to work outside? Doesn’t he has trust on her? Hariprasad says to her neighbour worked in office but she eloped from on her marriage day. Bimla tells her Vidhi is not like that.  He asks them to stop bringing this matter to him again and leaves.

Vidhi comes near her father and consoles him. She asks him to eat something reasoning he didn’t eat anything. Vidhi says to him that she is his daughter she will never go against his wish. She will never bring bad name to him and his prestige. Bimla hears it and helps Vidhi to remove her hair when it’s stuck on door. Later Dev greets his mom. Sathyavath says to Dev that he joined in business in this day.

Ria comes there and mocks at them that she is keep reminding him when did he joined in school, college and business. Sathyavath ignores her and advises Dev to concentrate on his own life. Soon he wanna get married. He leaves from there. Ria says to her in reading way there Dev’s friends send their kids to study in college but here she wanna see her son getting married. Sathyavath says to her she is believing strongly he will start a new life.

Bimla asks Vidhi to get ready asap she wanna return to home after she send Seema to school. Hariprasad says that Vidhi will go to office. everyone gets happy to hear it. He says that Guruji may opens Bimla’s eyes but his daughter opens his eyes. He realises that his thoughts are small comparing to his daughter broad mind. He advises her to join in office and start her new life. Vidhi takes his blessings and thank him. Mini appreciates his idea. Hariprasad says to Vidhi he has one condition for it.

Episode end

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