Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 5th October 2022 Written Update: Hariprasad misunderstands Dev


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 5th October 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev questioning his employees who asks her to drink? Dev ask them who asked Vidhi to wear this dress? She wasn’t wearing this dress when she came here? Amba tells him that she asked her to wear it. Dev asks her what’s the need of it? Amba complaints that she wore it in her own wish. No one forces her to do it. Dev complaints that Amba is wrong in her decision. She always wants to take decisions in others life? Who is she to control others life? He tells her that she shouldn’t change others life using remote control according to her wish.

Amba tells him that she is not the reason for her state. Yogesh aaks him to control himself. Even Kanika was there when she drank. She may be drank this juice mistakenly. Amba clears to him that she asked her to drink just juice. Dev clears with them that Vidhi is not a type to drink in party. Amba asks him to stop being over protective to her. Amba asks Dev why is he taking her responsibility? Why is he bothered about her culture and her family. Doesn’t he controlling her life?

Dev says to her that he is not controlling her life. He is aware of Vidhi’s family culture. They send Vidhi to this party because he assured to them that he will protect her. She is not a person to behave like this. Kanika shares with Yogesh that she informed to her father about her condition. Arjun says to him that he knows where is her house. He will drop her in home. Dev asks him to look at himself? How much he drank? He asked them to enjoy the party.

Bimla asks Hariprasad what happened to Vidhi? Hariprasad shares with her that Kanika informed to him that Vidhi drank in party. Bimla denies it. Hariprasad adds that she said to him that Dev was angry on her. Later, Kanika returns Vidhi’s bag to Dev. She tells him that she will accompany him. Dev complaints that they already done what they are capable to do it.

He know what to do next? He takes Vidhi from there. Meanwhile, Urmila and Pramod are searching Bimla’s house. He finds money hide inside rice. She noticed Bimla brought new things and hides it from her. Later, Dev takes Vidhi out of the party. He noticed Hariprasad calling her. He disconnected the call thinking he will land in trouble. He decided to explain the situation to them. Hariprasad shares with Bimla that she is not attending his call. Dev noticed Vidhi is missing there.

He searched for her and noticed her singing alone. She demands with Dev to sing with her. She is playing with him in an intoxicated state. Dev tried to control her. She tried to express her feelings to Dev but he didn’t understand it. Vidhi revealed to him about Amba’s challenge with her. Dev gets shocked to hear it. She blabbered to him in an intoxicated state. He gives his blazer to make her feel warm. Vidhi thank him and hugged him in happiness. Dev feels strange feelings inside him. He make her sit inside his car.

Vidhi tells him that she is thirsty. She gets hiccups. She gets down from car and troubles him again. She adds that her hiccup will be alright if she share to him what’s on her mind? He is trying his best to control her. Hariprasad reaches to there. Bimla holds Vidhi. Dev tells him that it’s not Vidhi’s mistake. Hariprasad adds that it is not her but his mistake. He shouldn’t have send her to party. Doesn’t he assured to him that he will take care of her. Today he broke his trust. He lost his trust on him. Amba noticed it.

Episode end

Precap: Dev would ask forgiveness from Hariprasad but he close the door on his face. Later, Hariprasad would return the laptop to him and says Vidhi not gonna work in this office

The episode starts with Vidhi refusing to wear modern clothes. Amba asks her why she doesn’t wear it for Dev. She asks her to look around once. She tells her that this is Dev’s life. People will look like this in his life. Amba adds that Dev attends the Jagratha for her, right? She wants to do something like this for him at least. Vidhi goes to wear it. Ananya searches for Vidhi there. Amba tells her that she will come asap. Ananya and Amba are surprised to see Vidhi in modern clothes. Amba thinks that Dev will be surprised to see Vidhi like this. Doesn’t he think she is a down-to-earth person? He will understand today that she is also a normal girl.

She asks Vidhi to drink something. But she refused it, reasoning she wouldn’t drink. Amba convinced her to drink orange juice at least. Kanika asks the waiter to drink something of her juice and give extra money to him. He gives the orange juice to Vidhi. She refused to drink it. Kanika forced her to drink it. She tasted it and feels it’s sour. Kanika tells her it’s coming in a packet. She managed to convince her to drink it. She forced her to drink one more drink. Amba inquires Vidhi when Dev will get there? She thinks that Dev promised to attend the party. He won’t back off from his words.

Hariprasad worries about Vidhi. Bimla tells him that she is getting home late. She doesn’t know why she is taking time to return home? Hariprasad tells her that Dev is with her. He will take good care of her. Arjun starts a game there. Everyone danced for it. Amba asks Vidhi to dance with her. Dev reaches there and is shocked to see Vidhi in such a state. Amba smirks at him. Vidhi collides with Dev while dancing. She was surprised to see him there. She says to Amba that Dev Sir has arrived here. Doesn’t she assured her that he will attend the party?

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