Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 6th August 2022 Written Update: Kanika lashes out at Vidhi


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 6th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vidhi shares to Kanika that she don’t wanna do this job. Salary written in it not suitable to her. Kanika tells her they are paying such high amount to her for an inexperienced person but she is not convinced by it. Kanika demands her to quit this job but before that she wanna meet Dev in his cabin before that. Meanwhile Bimla shares to her colleagues its Vidhi’s first day at office. She will get to know how was her work in office in evening. She adss that she is talented girl she will learn everything asap.

Later Dev asks Vidhi what’s her problems? Vidhi tells him that this amount is not convinced to her. She is not experienced person and also she didn’t completed her degree yet. Dev asks her to clear Is she saying this amount is higher or less? Vidhi says to him it’s higher amount. She don’t need this high amount. She shares to him about her expenses. Dev tells her why don’t you help her dad with this income.

Vidhi tells him that half amount is enough to her. She can’t able to make her father less in front of her. She wanna earn money less then her father. Dev asks Kanika Is there any option to solve this issue? Kanika tells him this is the minimum amount in this company. No one working here less then this amount. She can’t able to reduce her salary because out company has standards. What will others think about their company if they pay less to her.

Dev asks her Is any honest fund raising in their company? She deny it. He asks Kanika to appoint Vidhi as the head of that fund. She will decide what to do with that amount? Vidhi asks him how will she do that? It’s not her money then she had no rights to use it. He somehow convinces her there. He asks her to leave. Later Ananya discuss with Vidhi about some profile but she don’t understand it all. They makes fun with her when did her phone rings. Her ring tone makes them laugh at her and comments that new priest come there.

Later Vidhi is in lunch break Ananya asks her to give coffee to her. Vidhi cheks the coffee machine there. She tells her coffee is not written in it. They makes fun at her for not having zero knowledge about this all. Later Bimla returns to home they hears Urmila creating scene there. She asks Mini to manage her and leaves from there. Seema assures her that she will manages her here. Urmila comes there Seems and mini pretends like they are cleaning house and didn’t let her enter inside the home. She lashes out at them for it. She enquires her about her parents? She lies to her they are not here. Urmila warns them and leaves. Later Dev discussing with Kanika about their new project. Vidhi comes there and shows the accounts to him. He asks her to show it to Yogesh. He asks her why did she written it on paper instead of entering it into computer? She says to him that she doesn’t know to use computer. He asks her to learn how to use it. He asks her to take photo copy the files.

Vidhi asks Colleague to help her taking photo copy. Yogesh pretends like help her and turns on the fan there. Her papers falls down. Dev comes there and asks her to give photo copy. She gives it to him. He tells her she might take it on white paper not in color one. Dev asks his office staffs to help Vidhi learns how to operate the gadgets here. They assures to him. Later Vidhi gets permission from him to write directions in that paper. Kanika dislikes it and lashes out at her for ruining her office reputation. She demands her to wear western dress hereafter. Vidhi thinks this work not suitable one to her.

Episode end.

Precap; Urmila will ring the bell in temple to get everyone attention. Hariprasad and Bimla will come there hearing that noise. She will complaint to Urmila she is disturbing god’s sleeping time.

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