Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 6th March 2023 Written Update: Bimla grows suspicious


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 6th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev saying to Vidhi that she is supporting Priya and never giving heed to this family. Vidhi tells him that she is able to understand it but it’s not the right time to remove her from their family. Dev tells her that he doesn’t care whether her relationship with this family breaks or not. He requests her not to interrupt in this matter. Vidhi says to him that he has to give one more chance to Abhimanyu and Priya. Dev says to her she hasn’t realised her mistake yet. She committed a mistake. Vidhi asks Dev if he made some mistake in his past and didn’t inform her about it. Does he expect her to forgive him? Dev tells her that she was bringing this topic often in their conversation. He didn’t get her words. What mistake had he made in his past? Vidhi recalls Amba’s words. Dev inquires Vidhi why she is repeating it? He demands an answer from her. Meanwhile, Bimla says to Hariprasad that she is worried about Vidhi. Vidhi sent a message to her that they would return home early. Hariprasad says to her that Dev is a business man. He has to attend meetings. Rich businessmen’ schedules are unpredictable.

Later, Kallu introduces Vijay Babu to Hariprasad. Dev apologizes to Vidhi for being rude to her. He tells her that everyone has boundaries here. She needs space too. Dev suggested Vidhi stay with her parents for a few days. She may feel relieved there. He will solve the problems here when she returns. Vidhi excuses him. Vijay Babu says to Hariprasad that he will lend money to him. He doesn’t need to pay it back asap. He can take his time to repay it. Meanwhile, Dev is writing his diary. He thinks that he isn’t able to control his anger nowadays. Vidhi comes there and informs him that she is going to sleep with Simi. She is scared of sleeping alone. Vidhi gives a gift to Simi and makes her sleep by telling a story to her. Vidhi recalls Dev’s words. Later, the servant gives a letter to Dev and informs him that Vidhi gave it to him. Vidhi leaves for her parents’ house, leaving a letter for him. Bimla is happy to welcome Vidhi. She inquires her why she got there alone. Where is Dev? Dev calls her on time. He inquires her why she left without informing him. She manages to lie with him and disconnects the call.

Bimla asks Vidhi how she got hurt? Vidhi tells her that Dev was busy and that is why he didn’t drop her there. She got hurt while cooking. She missed her parents, that is why she came here to stay with them. Later, Dev tries to console Satyavati. She says to him that Vidhi made her understand the situation or else everything would have collapsed. Priya is talking with Amba on the phone. Amba is manipulating her against Raichand’s family. She says to her that she made a brave decision because she is the owner of the house. She has to prove to them who is the real owner. Dev informs Satyavati that Vidhi went to her parents’ house. Priya informs Amba. Amba is on cloud nine but she hides her happiness with her. She asks her to call her when she is alone. Vidhi says to Hariprasad that she won’t come back here if they don’t like her visit. Hariprasad denies it. Amba thinks that she will make Priya divorce Abhimanyu. She will take over Abhimanyu’s business. She will separate Vidhi and Dev. She will control the Raichand family. It’s punishment for them to hurt her.

Satyavati asks Dev what happened between him and Vidhi? She won’t leave like that without informing her. Simi comes there and shows the family trees to her. Later, Dhamayanthi created a scene there. She complained that she had left this house, leaving a list. When will she return home? Satyavati wished to talk with her. Meanwhile, Amba calls Vidhi and tries to manipulate her. She tells her that she was aware of Dev’s past though she was ready to marry him. Because it happened in 1988. But why did he hide this from her?

Episode end

Precap; Abhimanyu will inform Dev that he is the M.D of this company. He will ask him to stop interrupting in his position. Later, Divya will ask Vidhi how she is sure about her age. Vidhi will ask her to mention her age. She will be shocked to hear her birth year

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