Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 7th March 2023 Written Update: Yogesh manipulates Abhimanyu


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 7th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Amba saying to Vidhi that Dev made a mistake at his young age. But she has to be careful in the future. Meanwhile, Abhimanyu inquires Yogesh what is going on in this office? He finds Yogesh’s truth and questions him about it. Vidhi doubts why Amba is calling her often to confuse her? She thinks that she shouldn’t get diverted. She might trust Dev. Divya tells her that a wise man always keeps his enemy close.

Vidhi asks her why she is talking like that? Divya asks her why she is doing here? She came to her parents’ house straight from their honeymoon trip. Is everything alright? Vidhi tells her that everything is fine. Meanwhile, Yogesh informs Abhimanyu that Priya demands him to give her 50 lakh of money. He didn’t know what to do when she asked him. He tried a lot to manage the situation but he couldn’t. Yogesh says that it’s easy to solve problems in the office. But it’s really hard to solve the issues in a family. Abhimanyu says that after marriage life is a mess.

Divya says to Vidhi that something is fishy in the office. She is sure that Yogesh is doing something wrong there. She alerts Vidhi about his actions. Later, Yogesh asks Abhimanyu to keep his tension at home. He shouldn’t show it in the office. He shouldn’t mix up both issues. Yogesh asks Abhimanyu to take alcohol with him. It will make him feel relieved. Vidhi says to Divya that Abhimanyu and Dev will handle the office. She shouldn’t worry about it. If she talks about it, then they will think she is interfering in their matters. Divya says that we can discuss it at least. They are family. Vidhi says to her that everything has a limit. Vidhi says that she got married and she is older than her.

Divya asks her how she is sure about her age? Vidhi asks her to mention her date of birth. She mentions December 4, 1988. Vidhi recalls Amba’s words and feels disappointed. Dev calls Vidhi and inquires her when she will be back home. She tells him that she has no idea about it. Hariprasad inquires her why she is talking like that to Dev. What happened between them? Vidhi tells him that nothing happened between them. She wishes to stay with her parents. What is the problem? She says to him there is no problem.

Yogesh manipulates Abhimanyu against his family. He says that his married life is a mess. Abhimanyu says the same. Yogesh asks him to sign the file. He forgot to put his sing in it. He has the signing authority. Because Dev made him the new M.D of this office. Abhimanyu signs the file. Abhimanyu signs for it without checking it. Yogesh thinks that he ruined his family life to stop him concentrating on his business. Later, Hariprasad and Bimla are discussing Holi expenses. Hariprasad says to her, let’s buy from the financier. We can manage both Holi and Urmila.

Bimla tells him that she isn’t feeling good. She feels something fishy about him. He convinces her to stop confusing herself. He advises her to concentrate on Vidhi’s life. She is hiding something from them. Vidhi comes there and overhears their conversation and says that they shouldn’t reveal their problems to her. Vidhi leaves from there. Later, Dev asks Abhimanyu to show him the balance sheet. Abhimanyu asks him why he is humiliating him in front of everyone? He is the M.D of this office, not him. He shouldn’t humiliate him by cross-checking his works.

Vidhi thinks that Hariprasad treats her like a guest. Dev shared his grief with his father. He doesn’t want to confuse personal and professional life. He wants to help him but he doesn’t know how to do it. He asks him to show a way to solve this issue. Vidhi thinks that everything changed after her marriage. Dev needs space in his life. He is taking her every act as wrong. Simi calls Vidhi to talk with her. Priya snatches the phone from her and talks with her. Priya lashes out at Vidhi for trying to separate Simi from her.

Episode ends

Precap; Vidhi will say to Divya that she is two years older than her. She will ask her to talk about herself. Divya will ask her if she really wants to know about her. Will she be able to handle the truth? She will be shocked to find her true identity.

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