Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 8th March 2023 Written Update: Dev argues with Vidhi


The episode starts with Priya asking Vidhi to stop trying to become a mom to her child. Vidhi says to her that she is trying to create unnecessary issues. She disconnects the call. Bimla inquires her what the problem is? Vidhi tells her nothing like that. Bimla asks her to stop trying to hide the truth from her. She is able to find it if she tries to hide it from her. Vidhi says that they are trading her worse. They aren’t happy about her staying in this house. She doesn’t feel this is her room. Bimla convinces her. Bimla says that she is trying to hide the truth from her. She isn’t forcing her to say it. But she reminds her that mom is there. She is able to share anything with her. She can understand that something is bothering her.

Later, Vidhi asks Divya why she is smiling. She wishes to talk with her. Divya says to her that mom is travelling. She inquires her about her honeymoon trip. Vidhi tells her that she came to know that she was two years older than her. She wanted to know about her. Divya asks her. Is she sure about that? Will she be able to handle it? She is not able to accept her true identity. Divya tells her it’s a prank. Vidhi’s face fell after hearing it.

Dev misses Vidhi. He thinks that he was missing Dev a lot. She may be disappointed with his words. Vidhi thinks that Dev needs space in his life. It was her mistake. She shouldn’t have left the house in anger. Dev feels guilty for showing anger at her. She has the responsibility of taking care of the house. He shouldn’t have talked like that. Vidhi thinks that she knew well about Dev. Though she argued with him unnecessary. She shouldn’t have done like that.

Urmila is right. She doesn’t know how to handle the situation. Both Dev and Vidhi wish to talk to each other and try to call. Both of them call is engaged. Dev thinks that there is no problem between them. He shouldn’t have brought others problems in between them. Vidhi notices her phone is out of charge. She talked about how she would contact him. Later, Dev buys a bouquet of Vidhi.

Dev visits Hariprasad’s house. Divya says to him it seems he gave a red rose to many girls in London. He tells her that he brought it for his wife. He takes Hariprasad’s permission to take Vidhi out. Bimla says to him that she is his wife. He doesn’t need to get their permission. Later, Vidhi says to him that she won’t take it until he gives a bouquet to her. He says to her that he shouldn’t have brought others problems between them. He shouldn’t have talked like her about space. Vidhi says to him that she really needs this space. She realized her place in both families. She is not able to interfere in both families. She lost her place in Sharma’s family. She asks him to allow her to do work. She wants to support them financially. Dev tells her that he had already discussed it. Mom won’t allow her to do it.

Vidhi asks him how she will see her family struggling. Dev says to her that he offered help to them but they aren’t ready to get his help. Vidhi asks him to drop him at home. Later, Urmila creates a scene there. Hariprasad assures her to give money to her tomorrow. Vidhi returns home. Bimla inquires her about Dev. She manages to lie with them.

Satyavati demands Dev to bring Vidhi back home. They have to celebrate Holi along with her. Dev tries to convince her. Hariprasad calls him at that time to invite him to attend Holi. Vidhi feels relieved when he lied to them. Satyavati tells him that she will celebrate Holi with her daughter-in-law.

Episode ends

Precap: Vidhi overhears neighbours gossiping about Dev. Hariprasad will call Dev and inquire him when he will attend the function. Dev will inform him that some important work had come so he couldn’t attend it. Hariprasad will inform him that he will send Vidhi back. Dev will tell him there is no need for it.