Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 9th February 2023 Written Update: Dev, Vidhi’s Romantic Night


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 9th February 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhamayanthi saying to Dev that she removed the rope first. It means he will always be behind her. Satyavati says that Vidhi will stay with him in his every decision. Abhimanyu says to Dev that there is some problem in our office. Dev tells him that he will accompany him. Satyavati demands Dev to complete the rituals with Vidhi. Abhimanyu assures him that he will deal with this matter. He might spend time with Vidhi. Priya supports him. Dev asks Abhimanyu to call him if he is not able to handle this situation.

Abhimanyu hugs Dev and tells him that he is his strength. Later, Hariprasad prays for Vidhi. Bimla tells him that it’s an unnecessary drama. Only Vidhi left this house, not her mom. She asks him to scold her or argue with her. She is there for him. Hariprasad apologizes to her. Bimla says to him that she doesn’t need his apology. Instead, take her out. Hariprasad says that he isn’t in the mood to take her out. Bimla asks him to recall Vidhi’s words. Doesn’t she ask him to take care of her?

Later, Dev enters his room and is surprised to see the decorations. He appreciates the decorations. Vidhi remembered Satyavati’s word to prepare milk for Dev. She finds a way to the kitchen. She gets surprised to see the items inside the fridge. Vidhi gives milk to Dev. He shares with her that he is allergic to milk products. Vidhi apologizes to him. He hugs her but her ornaments disturb them. He helps her to remove her ornaments. Dev and Vidhi steal glances. Both admire the moonlight. Dev appreciates her appearance. He compares her beauty with the moon. Meanwhile, Amba vents out her feelings under the moon. She thinks that Dev didn’t understand her love for him. She hates Vidhi a lot. Yogesh comes there to console her. Amba tells him that Dev’s first night is today. Yogesh advises her to stop thinking about it. Amba says that Vidhi snatches Dev from her. Amba hugs Yogesh emotionally.

Seema interrupts Dev and Vidhi’s romantic night. She says to Dev that she is scared of sleeping alone. Vidhi asks her to come inside. She hugs her in a consoling way and apologizes to Dev through signals. Dev tells her he has no issues. Yogesh is about to hug Amba back. Amba breaks their hug and shares her grief with him. She says to him that Dev looked down on her love and enjoyed his first night with Vidhi. They snatched her happiness from her. She needs revenge. She wants to make sure they are paying back for their deeds. Amba demands Yogesh take Dev out of that house asap. Yogesh asks her what he will get in return?

Vidhi is patting Seema’s shoulder. Dev asks her. Did she sleep? Seema denies it. Vidhi drifts into sleep with her. Dev covers them in a blanket. He drifts into sleep. Next day, Vidhi shouts for help. Dev knocks on the door. Vidhi informs him that she doesn’t know how to turn off this pipe. Dev enters into the washroom to help her. Dev holds Vidhi to prevent her falling down. Vidhi tells him that she doesn’t know how to use these settings. She asks him to give him a bucket. She used to fill it with water to take a bath. She is comfortable with that. Dev rushes out to bring a bucket. Satyavati and Priya are surprised to see his strange behaviour.

Episode end

Precap; Dev and Vidhi will visit Sharma’s house. Hariprasad will give a feast to the newly wed couples. Divya will resemble Dev in his way of eating. Later, Dev will receive a phone call. He will inform Vidhi that he wants to leave.

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