Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 9th March 2023 Written Update: Dev gives a surprise to Vidhi


The episode starts with Bimla asking Hariprasad what Dev said to him. Hariprasad says to her that Dev agreed to attend the Holi function. Vidhi tells him that he invited her family to attend the celebration. She will invite Chithra to attend it. Later, Vijay Babu meets Hariprasad and gives the money to him. Hariprasad informs him that his daughter is at home. He shouldn’t reveal the truth to Vidhi. He says to Hariprasad that she is his sister. He gives shagun to Vidhi and shares the tradition with her. Vidhi puts the money in Milapini Devi’s donation box. Vijay Babu gives the money to Hariprasad. He tells him that he will repay it slowly. Vijay Babu tells him that there is no need for it. Bimla feels something fishy.

Later, Hariprasad is packing the shagun. Urmila comes there and creates a scene. She says that he asked her to come here at 11. But he is busy packing the shagun. He asks her not to shout. He returns the money to Urmila and asks her not to create any scene. Dev Raichand’s family are coming here to attend the Holi. Urmila changed the way she talked with him. Vidhi notices the shagun and inquires him how he got this money. Hariprasad manages to lie with her. The priest comes there and informs him that an auspicious time is running out. Where is Dev Raichand? Bimla tells him that he will reach here asap. Neighbours are waiting for Dev Raichand. The priest tells him that it’s time to do the pooja. Vidhi tries to contact Dev. The phone is not reachable.

Vidhi helps Hariprasad to find his phone. Vidhi tries to call Dev and Satyavati but the phone is not reachable. Dev calls Hariprasad and informs him that he can’t attend the Holi celebration. Something important came up. Hariprasad asks him,” Does everything go well? Dev assures him that there is nothing to worry about. Vidhi tells him, then she will go to him. Dev denies it, reasoning it’s her first Holi. Let her enjoy it. Vidhi is hurt to hear it. Vidhi thinks that Dev doesn’t want to see her, it seems. He didn’t ask her to return home. She switched off her phone in anger. Everyone is doing the pooja. Neighbours gossiping about Dev Raichand. Vidhi recalls Amba’s words and grows suspicious.

Bimla asks Vidhi to do the pooja asap. Urmila says that Dev Raichand failed to keep his promise. She badmouthed about Raichand’s family. Vidhi is hurt to hear it. Hariprasad gives a fitting reply to her. Later, Vijay Babu attends the Holi celebration. He says that Hariprasad may hesitate to invite him. That is why he attended it. Later, Divya expresses her happiness with Vidhi to celebrate the Holi in India. Vidhi inquires her. Yamini studies at the same university where Dev studied. Divya is shocked to hear it. She tells her that she quit college around 1988. Vidhi asks her who will quit such a famous college. Divya tells her that she got some better college. Vidhi notices Raichand’s arrival there. She is happy to meet them there. She notices Satyavati’s hand. She tells her that she wasn’t feeling well. That is why they didn’t attend the function yesterday. Vidhi missed Dev there. Dev comes there surprising Vidhi.

Episode ends

Precap; Dev will give his personal diary to Vidhi. He will tell her that she will get all the answers. Vidhi will tell him that she trusts him. Does he need her help? Dev will tell her that he needs her because she is his love.