Na Umra Ki Seema Ho Upcoming Story: Amba to joins her hands with Yogesh against Dev Raichand


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Na Umra ki Seema Ho is the newly launched show of Star Bharath. This show is about Vidhi, a young woman who falls in love with a middle-aged tycoon, Devratha! Now, the series focuses on Amba plots against Dev

In the previous episode we saw; Dev was surprised by his room decorations. He appreciated the effort. Vidhi prepared milk for Dev. Dev informed her that he was allergic to milk products. Vidhi and Dev spent a quality time with each other.

Seema interrupted their romance. Hariprasad shared his grief with the god. Bimla consoled her and talked with him to motivate him. She asked him to take her out. He denied it. Later, Amba worried about her future. She shared her grief with the moon.

Yogesh came there to console her. She vent out her feelings with him. She said to him that she needs revenge. Vidhi snatched her dev from her. She was spending a romantic night with Dev when she was in tears. She hugged him to vent out her feelings.

She was determined to take revenge on them. Yogesh demanded her to do something in return. Seema slept with Vidhi. Later, Dev helped Vidhi to teach how to use the settings inside the washroom.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Dev and Vidhi will visit Sharma’s house. Hariprasad will give a feast to the newly wed couples. Divya will resemble Dev in his way of eating. Later, Dev will receive a phone call. He will inform Vidhi that he wants to leave.

What will happen next? Will Vidhi find the truth? When will Dev marry Vidhi?

The upcoming episode will answer all our questions and stay in tune with our space for more updates.