Na Umra Ki Seema Ho Upcoming Story: Bimala to grow suspicious


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Na Umra ki Seema Ho is the newly launched show of Star Bharath. This show is about Vidhi, a young woman who falls in love with a middle-aged tycoon, Devratha! Now, the series focuses on Bimla to doubt Vidhi’s strange behaviour

In today’s episode we see Amba showing the Vermillion on her hairline. She tells her that she is filling her hairline with vermilion for Dev. She shares with her how much she waited for Dev last 20 years. Sathyavathi tries to talk with her but Amba behaves worst. She tells her that Dev is hers no one will stop her engagement.

Sathyavathi asks her to consult an Psychiatrist. She says to Chithra that she is mentally sick. She take an good decision by break the engagement. Or else her son and family would have stuck in her hand. Chithra asks her to mind her words.

Sathyavathi says that she isn’t understanding it. Is she blind or not? Amba would have ruined Dev’s life. She came to know that Dev is in love with someone else. She is trying to ruin her brother’s life by supporting Amba.

Chithra notices Amba holding the knife. Sathyavathi tries to convince her but she isn’t giving heed to her. Chithra says that she won’t allow her to moment on her Amba. It’s her family. Sathyavathi says that she is mad and leaves from there. Later, Amba tries to commit suicide. Chithra lashes out at Dev for it.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Sathyavathi will advise Dev to concentrate on his future. She will ask him to discuss with Dev about his marriage with her. Dev will deny it. Meanwhile, Sathyavathi will ask Vidhi to meet her. Later, Vidhi will cook for Sathyavathi which make Bimla doubt her.

What will happen next? Will Vidhi find out the truth? When will Dev marry Vidhi?

The upcoming episode will answer all our questions and stay in tune with our space for more updates.