Naagin 29th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Spoiler

Nagin 4 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Nagin 4 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

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Episode begins with Manyeta and Keshav getting married in front of a temple in the middle of the desert of Rajasthan. While taking vows, Manyeta thinks that she has been waiting for this day since years and finally it has come.
The two are about to take the seventh vow when the sky turns dark and the weather gets stormy. Maneyta realizes that those who are against this marriage are about to come and promises Keshav to fight against everybody who’ll try to harm him or separate them.

Suddenly a 5 headed giant black snake (paanch naag) and many other big black snakes comesand the pandit who is getting Keshav and Manyeta married gets scared and runs away. Keshav asks the naags not to come near him and tells that he will burn them. Manyeta transforms into a Naagin and fights against the other naags even though Keshav tries to stop her, shouting that they are her own parents. The latter return into their human form and warn Manyeta that she is the princess of Naag Vansh and she can’t marry a human being or else she may get cursed. Manyeta says that she doesn’t care but her mother tells her that after this marriage, when she’ll become mother, she’ll start losing her powers until the Ashlesha Nakshatra time will come and at that point she’ll lose all her powers and adds that also her child won’t be able to get naagin avatar until the 25th birthday.

Manyeta says that she has chosen her true love over her powers. Keshav fills her maang with vermillion and completes their marriage. Her parents get enraged and leave after cursing her saying that the Ashlesha Nakshatra will break and she’ll lose all the powers.
“Tere sang pyaar mein nehi todna” plays and later Keshav and Manyeta are seen dancing and romancing. They consummate their love.

1 year later, Keshav and Manyeta are conducting a happy life and they have a daughter. Keshav’s family has finally accepted their marriage and Keshav’s namesake brother, Akash, comes to take him home. On the other hand Keshav’s family has been kidnapped and is now tied up. Akash calls Vishali, his wife, and tells him that he is coming with Manyeta, Keshav and their daughter. Vishali gives milk to her mother-in- law (Baa) and asks her to drink it. Akash’s younger brother’s wife, Ketaki, prays for her kids. The other ladies of the house ask her to pray for their kids as well. The women ask Baa to rest till Keshav comes back.

Meanwhile, Keshav and Manyeta decide to go by camel since the car Akash brought has broken down. This is revealed to be Varshali’s plan. Vishali wants to know the secret of the laal tekdi Mandir and threatens Nana Bhai (Keshav’s father). They ask him the secret of the temple continuously but in vain as he doesn’t reveal anything. After a while Vishali and the others reach Manyeta and Keshav who gets shocked to see his family tied up. Vishali asks about the secret and orders the other family members to attack Keshav and Manyeta. Manyeta transforms into naagin but since Ashlesha Nakshatra comes, she starts burning and returns being a human being. Keshav rushes to Manyeta to hug her but they are separated.

Vishali reveals Manyeta that the pandit told them about her reality and the fact that it’s the day on which she’d lose all the powers. They kill Keshav and his whole family and steps towards Manyeta who throws sand in their eyes and escapes.
She goes to the laal takdi mandir and seeks help and protection in front of Bholenath’s idol.
Vishali and everybody else reach the mandir where they meet a pandit who warns them that if they’ll harm any icchadari naagin on this day, their 3 generations will have to suffer. Manyeta’s baby cries and they find her so she runs away and is followed by her enemies. They reach a waterfall and, not having any other way to escape, Manyeta vows revenge and throws herself into the water. While falling down, she captures her culpirts’ faces in her eyes. Vishali and her family cherish their victory thinking that now they can get all the money of Nana Bhai.

Manyeta and her daughter are transported by water near the shore where a group of villagers is about to rescue them but Manyeta gets conscious and hold her daughter declaring that she’ll be the one to avenge her father’s death staying among those culprits. She calls her “Nayantara”.

25 YEARS LATER:- Vishali, Geetanjali, Iravati and Ketaki’s kids have grown up. Iravati claims that her son, Manas, is the only one who is getting money for their family since she is bringing a rich daughter-in-law for them and they’ll get rid of loans. Baa thinks that everybody is planning a birthday surprise for her even though usually only Dev and Vrinda remembers that. Meanwhile in a fight club in Qatar, Rohan calls his brother Dev and seeks help from him as he has lost a bet in the casino. In India, Vishali is worried thinking that Manyeta and her daughter might have not died and may want revenge. Nayantara is seen walking in wood.
Vishali is worried about Dev so she doesn’t want him to come back to India

In Qatar, Dev reaches the fight club and walks inside the boxing arena. Rohan is happy to see him and thinks he has come to rescue him but instead Dev slaps and scolds Rohan for betting. He pays the money Rohan has lost and the foreigner with whom he had a bet cherish his victory after getting the money but Dev beats him and says that he has given the money only because he doesn’t keep anybody’s debt. He takes back the money saying it’s his win.
Dev and Rohan video-chats their family and tells them that they are returning from hospital. When asked about what happened, Dev reveals that Rohan was fighting against a foreigner after losing a bet. They all tease Rohan.

Rohan says let me come to India, then I will show you. Dev says let me talk to my girlfriend and says happy birthday Baa. Baa gets happy. Dev says everyone must have wished you first, but I love you more. Vrinda is seen bringing cake with candles. Baa gets happy and says only Dev and you remember my birthday. Dev wonders who the girl is.
On the other hand Nayantara swears that she’ll snatch everything from her parents’ culprit, take revenge and make sure that Parikh family is destroyed.

Precap: Nayantara tells Manyeta that she will destroy Parikh family. Dev returns to India and accidentally falls on Vrinda. Nayantara does belly dance in a party. Dev then has an encounter with some snakes.