Naagin 4 29th February 2020 : Milly sees Brinda as Naagin and reveals her reality to everybody

Nagin Upcoming Story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist
Nagin Upcoming Story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist

Naagin 4 29th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

The episode begins with Swara inquiring Manyeta how belpatra can hurt Brinda because it is auspicious. Manyeta says that she’ll clarify later and asks them to leave since there’s danger there. Brinda refuses. Manyeta claims that enemies are going to come. Brinda asks her to remain there as she’ll bring a knife to free her. She leaves.

Ketki asks Brinda (Vishakha) how she can speak like that to her husband. Brinda states that it is true only that she was going to get married to Rajat before marrying Dev. Ketki claims that Dev will never forgive her. Brinda claims that Dev isn’t like other conservative husband that disturbs wives to speak with other men. She asks Dev to inform Ketki he can allow her to dance with Rajat. Vishakha as Brinda asks Dev if she will show him measures dancing with Rajat. The latter says that they’ll dance also in rhythm. Dev is quite angry. Vishakha believes that now Dev shall become so mad that the naagmani should shine in his mind. Dev provides Brinda and Rajat dance and they begin dancing on”Nagadha staged dhol”.

Brinda comes back in the cave and has shocked seeing Swara unconscious and injured. Manyeta claims that the enemies had come and hurt and Swara. She says that she needs to leave before they get to understand she’s her daughter or else there may be danger for her. Brinda tries stopping her in vain as Manyeta (who’s Vishkha really ) leaves.

Swara becomes conscious and tells Brinda a storm came after she left and a person hit her head. Brinda asks her to hurry up because the door is getting closed. They rush outside.

Vishakha takes back her own similarity and says that today Brinda won’t try and locate Manyeta and she can concentrate on Dev and find the naagmani.

Swara asks Brinda to return to the pooja and promises her that she’ll look after herself and call her as well. She says she will go to the doctor and assures her that the harm is nothing serious. Brinda leaves.

Dev is becoming enraged seeing Rajat and Brinda dance. Vishakha, in her actual element, comes from the pooja too. She asks Dev if all is well and he is not dancing. She asks her if he’s upset that his wife is dancing with another person. She instigates him. He says he is not mad and gives a damn to what Brinda does. He leaves. Vishakha smirks and believes that she wished to make him angry just so as to see her naagmani clearly and grab it from him. She states that his time to die has come.

Lilly asks Brinda to quit dancing since everyone is looking at her. Ketki informs Vrushali that she does not feel that Brinda’s behaviour is proper. Vrushali taunts her.

On the other hand real Brinda blames herself for allowing Manyeta go. She wonders if she did something wrong. Meanwhile Devis mad with Brinda and wonders why she married him because he had not even forced her. He’s enraged so the naagmani excels in his mind and gives him a terrible headache. He falls down unconscious.

Vishakha walks towards Dev using a huge dagger and is going to strike him when she hears a person’s steps after which Brinda’s voice. She throws away the dagger.

Brinda rushes to Dev and when she touches him, the naagmani disappears. Vishakha wonders why that occurred. Brinda asks Vishakha to go in front of everyone while she’ll stay with Dev. Vishakha agrees but thinks that she destroyed her plan.

Brinda sees the ring she discovered in the cave in Vishakha’s foot while she leaves. Dev murmurs Brinda’s name and asks her why she broke her fast with Rajat. Brinda thinks that she was not there so Vishakha must have done that and wonders why she’s doing that.

Vishakha is enraged and admits that she must separate Brinda and Dev.

Dev becomes aware and his head hits Brinda’s forehead when getting up. He’s going to ask her pitiful but stops and says that she keeps hurting him but never apologizes. He asks her what she was doing so close to him. She states that she was worried for him. He asks her to return from the pooja but she states that she must go to Swara who got hurt. Dev says he will go with her.

Lilly brings Pratik from the home secretly and asks him if he’s serious about her because he never goes in front of her loved ones. He asks her time because he does not have money for today and he can not go in front of her family like that. She says it is too late.

Brinda, Dev and Baa convince Swara to Remain at Parikh Mansion for the night since PanditJi is in temple also. Swara hesitates but then must accept. Vrushali does not like that.

Lilly hears a person’s footsteps and hides Pratik from the bath. She shows him that the pregnancy test that’s positive. Pratik hugs her happily and asks her when she had been talking about this when she stated it is late and there’s very little time.

Dev and Brinda bring Swara. Dev asks her to call him if she needs something because Brinda disappears sometimes. Swara asks them to let her take rest. They want her good night asking her to take leave and care.

Brinda and Dev walk towards their room when asserting since Brinda keeps asking him what he meant saying that she keeps disappearing.

Lilly and Pratik are concealed in their bath and Lilly asks him to leave immediately before Dev sees him. He leaves after caring for herself. Then Lilly comes out also and Brinda sees her through the mirror. She wonders what she was doing there.

Dev is about to visit the washroom when he sees Brinda placing paper in her nose. He asks her what she’s doing. Brinda informs him that this occurs when she has low blood pressure that she’s now since she did not eat anything since morning. He gets confused and asks her if she’s multiple identity disorder because sometimes she states that she did not keep fast, occasionally she decides to continue fasting and breaks her fast with Rajat. She asks her if he’d seen her eating out of Rajat’s hands. He states that he saw her coming out from behind the pillar with Rajat chewing on something. Brinda wonders why Vishakha did this.

Dev finds Brinda’s nose bleeding and instantly gets stressed. She says that it’s due to her low BP. He takes her into his lap and cleans the blood using a tissue. She looks at her.

Dev subsequently goes in the bath and sees the pregnancy test on the floor. He appears at Brinda and goes to her. She thanks him for the chocolate. Dev asks her if she’s sure that she has low blood pressure. He says that it has to be a reason if she is not giving him the right of a husband. He blames her for not respecting their friendship, lying and hiding things from him. She asks him what he’s referring to. Dev says that she’s pregnant and she knows about it. Brinda gets shocked hearing that. Dev drags her into the bath where he shows her pregnancy test. She denies being pregnant but he does not believe her and leaves saying that she wants a physician.

Milly and Lilly are speaking in the area when Brinda comes and faces Lilly about the pregnancy test. Brinda claims that Dev knows about it too and thinks she’s the pregnant one. Lilly and Milly get fearful.

Dev attracts the doctor in the house. Complete the family gathers in the room. Brinda says that she’ll arrive in the hospital tomorrow just. She lies to everyone that she’s pregnant. Dev does not say anything but he’s angry. Baa is extremely content. Swara comes and Baa informs her the great news. Baa provides a rudraksh to Brinda to rescue her from all evil eyes and asks everyone to leave and allow Dev and Brinda stay alone.

Afterwards Dev brings food for Brinda and states that she’s a exceptional piece since she had been telling him that she isn’t pregnant and then told everyone the so called great news. He asks her not to disturb him while he’s working. He goes to sit and work on notebook.

Brinda abruptly transforms half in a bite and gets shocked because she is not able to deal with the transformation. She hides herself under blanket and tells Dev that she’s completed. He receives her plate and goes to keep it in the kitchen. Brinda wonders what’s happening to her.

The next morning everyone is having breakfast. Baa asks Brinda to not sit and work. She asks her to call Swara. Brinda informs her that she gave her the breakfast in the room only. Vrushali asks Brinda to find pickle from her. She moves in the kitchen. Lilly asks Milly to bring orange juice for her so Milly goes to the kitchen also.

After in kitchen, Brinda begins shifting again and wonders why she’s transforming without her approval since yesterday. She wonders what to do because Vishakha isn’t around too. Her ass transforms to the one of a snake and only then Milly comes there and has stunned seeing her. Brinda transforms completely into a Naagin and then again as human being. She tries reassuring Milly that she is not prepared to hurt anyone and asks her to keep the secret but Milly gets scared and is going to leave. However, Brinda can stretch her arm and catch Milly covering her mouth with her hands. Brinda is perplexed by her own action also. She asks Milly to not tell anybody about what she’s seen or else she’ll reveal Lilly’s secret and kill everybody. She leaves Milly after warning her. Milly runs away. Brinda apologizes but believes her revenge will be incomplete otherwise.

Milly comes back to the table. Lilly asks her orange juice. Brinda includes the orange juice for Lilly who’s going to drink it Milly jerks away the juice from her hands. Everybody asks her what happened. Milly stammers and then shows that Brinda is a Naagin. Everybody gets shocked. Lilly asks Milly what occurred. Milly yells and tells everybody to think that her since she saw everything with her own eyes. Everybody is shocked.