Naagin 4 7th March 2020 : Brinda confronts Vishakha and calls her fraud

Nagin Upcoming Story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist
Nagin Upcoming Story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist

Naagin 4 7th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist  on

The episode begins with Vishakha entering inside her area and calling Mundika and asks her to send her goons into the mill since she’s taking Dev there and warns her not to kill him just beat him.

On the other hand Brinda thanks Dev for everything. “Ishqbulaava” plays. Dev asks her that Brinda she is currently. Brinda provides him imli and states that she’s the imliwaliBrinda. Both have imli and grin. Dev says she smiled following long. She says he also. Vishakha comes and asks Dev to visit the factory and she’ll come along since she’s the investor. Brinda agrees and believes that she does not want Dev to proceed with Vishakha.

Dev asks Milly to proceed with Brinda into the hospital. Milly agrees and says she’ll take Lilly too. Brinda asks Dev to come with her because he’s her husband. Dev apologizes to Vishakha and states that his dad will be in the mill. Vishakha says okay and leaves.

Dev tells Brinda he will come together with her only if she gives him more imli. She feeds him with the imli and Dev leaves. Brinda messages Rajat requesting him to come to the hospital.

After in the hospital, the physician asks who’s pregnant. Brinda says that she’s pregnant. The physician sees Lilly and Milly and says she believed only husband wife will come. Brinda says they are newly married so she had been feeling a bit awkward and requested Lilly and Milly to come with her. Dev asks her why she asked him to come afterward. Brinda says he is her guts. Dev appears at there. He says he’ll wait outside. Brinda asks Milly to go outdoors with Dev too.

After Brinda and Lilly are left alone with the doctor, Brinda shows the physician that Lilly is the pregnant one and clarifies her the issue. The doctor agrees to not tell anything to their loved ones and tells Lilly that she’s blessed to have such a Bhabhi. Lilly says she understands it. The physician takes Lilly aside for the checkup. Brinda gets Rajat’s message stating that he’s waiting for her in the parking space. She goes outside.

Brinda sees Dev and Milly and transforms into a tiny snake so that she can leave without anyone seeing her.

Brinda comes out and faces Rajat who’s there asking him why he arrived in his reception party, danced with her and lied in front of everyone he broke his fast. Rajat states that she was the person who encouraged him always. Brinda asks him why he told everybody that she’s pregnant with his baby . Rajat says that he wasn’t even in Bombay yesterday and leaves. Brinda wonders who’s lying and who’s saying the truth.

Vishakha calls Dev into the factory to inspect something urgently.Dev says he’s coming and asks Milly to get Brinda and Lilly home.

After some time Brinda asks Lilly to take medication in time. After Lilly leaves, Brinda asks Milly to find all of the information about Vishakha because she does not like her. Milly agrees saying she does not like her also. Brinda believes she can’t tell anyone that Vishakha is a Naagin rather than investor so it’s the only way to get her out of the home.

Brinda goes indoors Vishakha’s room and finds the newspapers of mill inside her drawer. She admits that these are the papers Dev was asking her to sign but she hadn’t signed them yet so how come there are signatures on them. She states that she has to establish that Vishakha is a fraud so that they will throw her out of the house. Brinda leaves the space. Mundika appears in the mirror and states that she must provide this bad news to Vishakha.

On the other hand Dev comes within the mill and some goons attack him stating that he must free their mill. They’ve caught Vishakha too. Dev frees himself and beats all of the goons. One is going to stab him Vishakha comes in between and has stabbed. The goons lock Dev within a room and then Vishakha pretends that she’s being beaten more and provides more instruction to the goons who throw her inside the area where Dev is locked. They close the door

Brinda comes from the factory. The goons ask her to leave. Brinda glares at them.

Dev takes Vishakha in her lap. She pretends to be in pain. Dev asks her why she came between him and the goons. Vishakha states that she could not see him in pain and she does not understand why. She asks him to stay with her and continue taking her name while she’s dying.

Brinda transforms into Naagin and defeats the goons who wonder how she changed into snake. Brinda claims that she’s Naagin not snake. She beats them and they shout.

Dev hears the voices and says that someone should have come. Vishakha stops him before he leaves and informs him that he’s a really wonderful man and she actually likes him. Dev sees her wound onto the waist and covers it with a cloth. Vishakha keeps saying she likes him.

Brinda fights with the goons and defeats them. She hides their bodies and hides herself overly hearing Dev’s voice. Brinda sees Vishakha in Dev’s arms and wonders what they’re doing together.

Afterwards Brinda inquires Milly if she found anything about Vishakha. Milly tells her that the girl in their home isn’t the real VishakhaKhanna. She informs Vrushali and others who Vishakha isn’t an investor but imitation.

Brinda rushes downstairs to let it to the family but only then Dev includes an injured Vishakha. Dev makes Vishakha sit and blames Brinda for being the liar when she predicts Vishakha liar. He informs her that Vishakha saved her life. Brinda indicates the family the picture of actual Vishakha. Rohan comes and says that the woman in the picture is simply a con who’s using Vishakha’s individuality. Dev asks Brinda to treat Vishakha and everyone leaves. Brinda believes that she had been right about Vishakha.

Brinda goes in Vishakha’s room and faces her Vishakha keeps deceiving her and blames Dev and Parikh family to be behind everything. She asks Brinda if she’s discovered anything about Manyeta’s whereabouts.

Manyeta is shown sitting on a chair and tied onto it. She’s attempting to free herself.

Vishakha asks Brinda to trust her and informs her that the entire family is supporting the naagmani and Manyeta knows about it. Brinda reveals her the property papers with her signature and faces Vishakha about them. Vishakha pretends to not be aware about it. Brinda says she will keep eyes on her. Vishakha asks her to keep an eye on her in laws and husband also.

Brinda goes out and is at the corridor when she hears Vrushali yelling at the other Parikhs asking them how Manyeta could evaporate from the temple. Brinda wonders what’s happening.

Manyeta can free herself and escape.

Brinda believes that she must find out who’s doing all this. She’s coming within the area when she bumps into Dev who’s wearing a towel. She catches the side of the towel to cover her face stating that she does not wish to see him without clothing. He makes her note that she’s holding his towel just. Brinda feels shy and goes close to a pillar. She smiles blushing. Dev walks closer to her and asks her if she will do the holi ka dahan pooja with him. She’s shy and asks Dev to move away. Dev asks her if she’ll go away if he’ll move away. Brinda says yes. He comes closer and asks her if she does not like him. “Saans” plays. He keeps coming nearer to her and asks her if she can go away from him. She says yes. Dev keeps coming nearer to her. She pushes him off.

It’s revealed that it was Brinda’s creativity and Dev is merely asking her to turn around because he’s worn jeans. Brinda’s earring becomes entangled with her own hair and Dev helps her eliminating it. Brinda says that she’s not able to understand him because sometimes he’s so worried about her and he is so evil. Dev asks her what he did. Brinda won’t answer him. Dev says he should be the one to call her devil. He says that she sees that the Brinda who respects Baa, takes good care of Dev, enjoys imli but this is just another Brinda. He says he is confused but he does not hate her. He asks her if she hates him. Brinda denies that. Dev asks her if she’ll sit at the pooja with him then. Brinda says he will need to wait for a response.

Dev says fine and is going to leave. Brinda asks her where he’s going. He informs her that he will get some money for the company. He leaves. Brinda believes to follow him because he must know where Manyeta is.

Manyeta runs on street and stops a guy asking him to present his cell phone in exchange of her gold bangle so that she can call her daughter Brinda. He accepts. Manyeta calls Brinda who answers the telephone and gets amazed to hear her mother’s voice.