Naagin 4 9th February : Vishakha wants to use Brinda to reach Dev and the Naagmani

Nagin Upcoming Story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist
Nagin Upcoming Story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist

Naagin 4 9th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

The episode begins with Madhav threatening Brinda placing a knife on Swara. Brinda accepts to do anything Madhav states.

After some time Dev returns home wondering whose voice he’d heard. He then hears PanditJi yelling so he rushes into his home merely to learn things shattered here and there. Dev asks what happened. PanditJi claims that something inauspicious will happen.

Vishakha comes in the area where Manyeta is locked. Manyeta asks her what she’s doing there. Vishakha answers that everyone in Naag log is aware of what she is looking for where Manyeta claims that nobody wants her to attain it. Vishakha transforms into a Naagin with two faces and asks Manyeta the secret of the temple when she wishes to see her daughter Brinda. Manyeta refuses. Vishakha says that she’ll need her to escape from this place but Manyeta remains adamant on not telling her the secret.

Brinda is pushing while Madhav is sitting behind maintaining a knife on Swara’s throat. He tries calling Vrushali but in vain because she does not pick up the call. Brinda tries applying abrupt break and Madhav gets mad. He asks her to stop the vehicle. Brinda realizes they have reached the street that goes to LaalTekdiMandir and inquires Madhav why they’re going there. Madhav won’t answer and asks him to follow.

They get in the temple in which Madhav asks Brinda to find the trident and kill herself or else he’ll kill Swara. Brinda decides to kill herself in order to save Swara and apologizes to Manyeta for being unable to save her or take her revenge. She wonders how to fool Madhav’s attention but he threatens her .

Brinda is going to stab herself with the trident but only then Vishakha as Naagin comes and Madhav threatens her. Brinda grabs the chance to hit him and allow him to drop the knife. Madhav runs away. Vishakha transforms into individual and informs Brinda that she’s Manyeta’s friend and she’ll look after Swara while she should head to stop Madhav before everyone gets to know that she’s a Naagin. Brinda leaves and agrees to follow Brinda.

Sparsh and Hardik are on automobile with a woman who’s shouting because they’re driving fast. Hardik asks her to stay calm as they keep coming in this place and they’re here just for fun.

Brinda reaches Madhav and transforms half into Naagin catching him with a tail. Madhav asks her to spare him. Brinda refuses at first stating that his death has arrived today but Madhav asks her to trust him as he can get to know all secrets from Vrushali and rescue her mother Manyeta. Brinda is reluctant but then leaves him.

The girl with Hardik and Sparsh want to leave but Hardik catches her hands and misbehaves with her. The woman shouts asking for assistance.

Madhav asks Brinda to await him there only while he’ll go to talk to Vrushali but instead he grabs a pole to hit Brinda. The latter strikes him with the tail and says that she understands he would betray her he deserves death only. She strikes Madhav who drops from the bracket shouting.

Sparsh and Hardik are nearby just and listen to the voice. They ask the woman to keep in the car while they proceed to check from where the voice is coming. However the woman escapes.

Vishakha reaches Brinda and asks her why she murdered Madhav since now people will guess that Madhav was not murdered by a human being and will attempt to discover the Naagin who murdered him. Brinda sees Sparsh and Hardik moving towards Madhav so both Brinda and Vishakha spits atmosphere from mouth that makes Sparsh and Hardik rush in the vehicle.

Sparsh receives a call from Iravati who’s worried because Madhav has not return home yet. Ketki tries down her. Sparsh and Hardik opt to return home.

Vishakha and Brinda need to conceal Madhav’s dead body so that they go towards it and then spit atmosphere through which they bury him with stones and sand.

After a while Vishakha and Brinda come back home and Brinda asks her about her mother. Vishakha asks her if she’s talking about Manyeta or Swara. Brinda says Swara. Vishakha informs her that she brought her house where there was her dad also. Brinda thanks Bholenath. Vishakha asks her about her real mother Manyeta.

Manyeta is seen suffering due to the leaves . She sees Brinda through bars of the space she’s locked in.

Brinda wonders why Swara and her dad never told her that she is not their real daughter. She says that there has to be a enormous secret.

Manyeta is miserable because she is not able to reach Brinda who’s far out of her so she can not even hear her voice. She sees someone else with Brinda and attempts seeing who she is.

Brinda thanks Vishakha for assisting her but she can not trust a stranger. Vishakha claims that a Naagin shouldn’t trust anybody easily but she’s quite loyal to Manyeta.

Manyeta can see that Vishakha is with Brinda and needs her to steer clear of her daughter. She wonders what Vishakha is performing with her.

Vishakha informs Brinda that Manyeta was thrown from Naag log since she got married to Keshav, a human being. She says that she’s prepared to locate Manyeta and asks Brinda to come in the temple just if she needs her help. They hug.

Manyeta sees them hugging and cries because she is not able to comprehend exactly what Brinda is performing with Vishakha and is fearful that the latter is wicked and may harm her. She asks Bholenath to assist her.

Brinda goes from the temple and finds a shining”Om” symbol on a rock. She wonders what it is.

Vishakha laughs evilly believing that Brinda is naïve to trust her and she can not be loyal to anything else except the Naagmani and the secret of LaalTekdiMandir. She says that she’ll hit Dev through Brinda and then the Naagmani.

Afterwards Brinda comes back home and rushes to Swara who’s lying on bed and PanditJi and Dev are there also. Brinda asks them why they did not call the doctor yet as she got hurt on neck and head. Dev asks her how she knows that. She recalls Madhav hitting Swara and then lies that Baa informed her. She yells hugging Swara who gets aware and says that she’s fine. She asks Brinda to return home since there’s pooja. Brinda and Dev leave after PanditJi convinces them that he’ll look after Swara.

Brinda and Dev return in Parikh Mansion and Dev asks her where he had been whole the evening. Brinda asks him where he was complete the night also. They assert since Brinda blames him to be the normal husband who constantly wants to understand his wife’s whereabouts. Only then Baa comes and scolds both of them for fighting and Brinda for not coming to give her medication. Dev recalls Brinda stating that Baa had informed her that Swara got hurt. Baa takes Brinda away stating that there’s a pooja left.

After some time Iravati comes downstairs crying since there’s not any information about Madhav’s whereabouts. Everybody tries to calm her down. Sparsh assures her that he’ll find Madhav monitoring him. Baa asks her to calm down also and asks Lilly to go and deliver Dev and Brinda down.

Dev is in his room getting ready before the mirror. He recalls Brinda pushing him off night when he was about to kiss her and then lying that Baa told her about Swara getting hurt while Baa explained that she hasn’t fulfilled Brinda since morning. He wonders what happened to Brinda. Just then Brinda knocks in the washroom door and Dev proceeds to start it. She slips and falls into his arms. Dev asks her if she’s fine. Brinda blames him for locking her in the bath. He denies doing this and Brinda claims that he’s lying. Dev says that she’s the person who lied to him stating that Baa told her about Swara getting hurt. He asks her what she’s hiding from him. Brinda says nothing. Dev says that she’s changed a great deal and Brinda answers that everything has changed like he’s no more his very best friend. Dev brings her nearer saying that he’s her husband and asks her if there’s any other complain. They remember their minutes looking at each other while”Bibatenuyaadkra” plays.

Only then Lilly comes and apologizes for interrupting their kiss. Brinda leaves. Dev goes to Lilly and asks her if she’s sure that she watched Nayantara last night. Lilly answers yet or not. She says she was very drunk so she does not remember. She leaves. Dev gets thoughtful.

Brinda and Dev come down and Baa states that they look great together while Iravati and Ketki mock them. Baa asks Brinda and Dev to sit and then describe them with the ritual that consists in marking a white fabric with their hands after coloring them with red color. Baa claims that this is symbol of the love and trust. Dev tells Brinda that she lied to him in the morning instead of trusting him. Brinda asks him to tell the truth and tell where he went last night. He thinks he can not tell her that she went to find Nayantara. Baa asks them to hold each other’s hands and they do this standing up. Baa asks them to promise in front of God that they won’t leave one another’s hand ever.

Only then Vishakha comes and says that they have caught red-handed. Everybody turns . Brinda wonders why she arrived there without even informing before. Dev recognizes her remembering seeing her in the temple last night.