Nagin 5 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On
Nagin 5 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Nagin 5 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

The episode starts with Aadi Naagin telling Brinda that she will reveal her story to her as well as the mystery of the temple. She says that the story dates back to ten thousand years when Naag and Naagin hadn’t the power of becoming human beings yet.
Ten thousand years ago many snakes are seen roaming in the temple.

A saphera complains because he isn’t able to command anything to the snakes. A pandit says that these snakes are dear to Shiv Ji. The saphera replies that Shiv Ji didn’t give anything to these snakes whereas Cheel got the blessing to turn into human beings from their Mrityu Ke Devta and snakes are left to protect themselves from them. The Pandit says that these snakes will get blessing too after they complete their deep meditation and if they do something wrong, they can be cursed too.

Aadi Naagin tells how the blessing that Cheels got to become human beings turned into a curse for the world and in fact it is shown how these Cheel used to rob wayfarers and even harm them.

A cheel is seen entering in a cave and dancing with his companions. Aadi Naagin says that Cheel became very powerful and a danger for the Naag of his naagvansh. That cheel says that he is going to loot and do more destruction. He transforms into eagle and flies away.

Another Cheel comes and asks where his son Akesh is. He is told that he is gone after celebrating the huge treasure they had looted. Akesh’s father scolds them and says that they should have not gone out on Mahashivratri and the treasure they have got is not huge as the naagmani. He says that they must get naagmani from the temple. Just then, another man walks there and everyone bows in front of him. He says that they shouldn’t try to get naagmani since it belongs to Shiv.

Akesh’s father says that Shiv isn’t as powerful and giving as their Devta and that is why Naag and Naagin don’t got blessing to turn into human beings. He orders everyone to go to get the naagmani and everyone leaves. The man tells Akesh’s father that Akesh should have not gone out and reminds him about the prediction. Akesh’s father says that he knows that Akesh has to stay away from that light and he is sure that no light can harm his son.

Later, Pandit comes in the temple and wonders why all snakes have not come yet. Suddenly eagles attack the temple to get naagmani. Pandit tries to fight but gets harmed and leaves. Snakes come and they start a fight with eagles. Suddenly one Naagin turns into a woman. She has the naagmani.

Eagles turn into humans too and are about to attack her but Mahadev appears and orders the Naagin to attack the eagles. Just then all the snakes turn into human beings and are able to fight and defeat the eagles protecting the naagmani. The eagles leave.

Mahadev does tandav and then tells Naag and Naagin that now they have got blessing to turn into human beings and they should use it smartly, without making mistakes. She declares the Naagin that got the blessing first as the most powerful “Aadi Naagin” and then leaves.

Pandit comes and is happy to see that they have got the blessing to turn into human beings. He says that after a hundred years of meditation they will be able to take the aspect of any human being. Aadi Naagin and others go out of the temple in their new avatar.

On the other hand, the Raja of Cheel is enraged because six of them have been killed by the snakes. He asks about Akesh and just then he comes back in the cave. He is enraged too knowing that six of Cheel have been killed and says that he won’t spare the Naag and Naagins and will teach him a lesson. He is about to leave when a ray of sun enlightens the cave. Akesh’s father gestures two eagles to cover that hole through which rays were entering and they do that.

However, Akesh is keen on teaching a lesson to their enemies and flies out.
Meanwhile, Naags and Naagins decide to celebrate their blessing in their own way. Aadi Naagin goes in the jungle where a Naag, who has turned into a human being as well, is awaiting for her. He is Aadi Naagin’s love Hridhey and Aadi Naagin’s name is Nageshwari. Hridhey tells Nageshwari that they are meant to stay together forever. Nageshwari and Hridhey romance and dance together.

Suddenly Hridhey disappears. Nageshwari smiles shyly thinkining that he is just hiding. She is unaware that Akesh is hiding and looking at her. Nageshwari looks around for Hridhey when she sees someone. She fist thinks it is Hridhey but then understand that he is someone else and asks who is he. Akesh walks towards her and replies that he doesn’t know but asks her if she knows how beautiful she is. Nageshwari replies that she hasn’t seen herself yet.

Akesh takes out a dagger and shows Nageshwari her reflect saying that she is magic. She looks at herself and then asks him who is he.

Just then, Hridhey comes and tells her that he is a Cheel and warns that he could hurt her. Nageshwari says that she won’t spare him. Akesh gets closer to her and says that she must be his, very close to him. Hridhey hits him and beats him badly. Akesh cannot do anything and, just when Hridhey is about to hit him again, he turns into eagles and leave. Nageshwari go to Hridhey and hugs him.

After a while, Akesh’s father is seen asking him who hurt him so much and says that he shouldn’t have gone out knowing that light makes him weak. Akesh is lost in Nageshwari’s thoughts. The predictor Baba says that he has seen the light. Akesh says that she was magic and he wants her at any cost. His father says that he wants naagmani. Akesh promises to bring naagmani while he will get that beauty. He leaves. The Baba tells Akesh’s father that he shouldn’t let him go but Cheel Raja doesn’t listen since he trusts that his son will bring the naagmani.

In the temple, Pandit says that after pooja Hridhey and Nageshwari will become one forever. Nageshwari blushes and smiles.
Outside the temple, Akesh comes there with some other eagles but they try to stop him from going in the temple in order to protect him since his father who is their king as well, ordered them so. Akesh starts fighting with them.

On the other hand, Nageshwari is waiting for Hridhey to come. She hears footsteps and turns around smiling but her smile disappears seeing Akesh there. Hridhey comes too and asks him how he dares coming there. Akesh is very weak and hardly staying on his feet. He apologizes to Naags and Naagins for what Cheels did to them and also for what he did. His eyes finds Nageshwari and he asks her to let him come in the temple. He adds that he won’t enter until she doesn’t allow him. A Naagin says that he is dying and maybe his last wish is to come in the temple. Nageshwari looks on.
Pandit suggests not to let the Cheel enter but Hridhey says that it’s a temple and anyone shall enter.

Nageshwari joins her hands in front of Pandit and says that they have got the blessing to turn in humans so they should show humanity. She allows Akesh to enter in the temple. Hridhey walks towards the temple opening his arms and welcoming him inside.

Akesh smirks and recalls telling his men that he intentionally let them hit him so that Naags and Naagins could sympathize with him and let him in. Akesh steps inside the temple and more eagles come there too. Nageshwari looks on.
Episode ends

Precap: Eagles attack the temple and get into a battle against Naags and Naagins. Two Cheels get hold of Hridhey. Nageshwari runs towards him shouting but Akesh grabs her wrist and says that he will spare everyone if she accepts to become his. Nageshwari says that she will hate him forever. Hridhey is stabbed. Nageshwari shouts at Akesh saying that she will give him thousands of deaths. She bites him. He smirks.