Naagin 5 Upcoming Story : Bani receives special power

Nagin 5 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On
Nagin 5 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Nagin 5 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Episode begins with Jay tries to protect Bani’s family from Maarkat but fails to do anything. Bani comes there. Her family shouts for help seeing her. Bani says she won’t let anything happen to them and was about to save them but everyone goes missing suddenly. Bani shocks seeing that. Maarkat comes there and mocks her. Bani asks her about her family. Maarkat says she won’t kill them that easily but won’t let her save them also that easily. She locks Jay in cage and ties Bani’s family with trees. She says Bani didn’t saw whats happening with Veer’s family and shows that visual to her. Veer questions his mother. She asks why he is questioning her and says seems like he is suspecting her. Ponky goes to bring his mobile. They shocks seeing someone attacking their house.

Balwant asks who is doing this. Ponky gets trapped other side of the house and Veer saves him. Maarkat says Bani’s family dying one side and tells her to not move to save her family otherwise she will kill Veer and his family too. Bani asks what she has to do to save her both family. Maarkat says she was waiting for this question only and tells her to submit her life to her then she will leave her family members. Bani asks why she should believe her. Maarkat says she needs eagles in future so she won’t kill them. Bani says Maarkat can kill her if she can then, but she won’t bend in front of her. Maarkat controls Bani with her power and tells her to say bye to Jay, Veer. Veer feels something bad happened with Bani.

Maarkat brings Bani to that magic door and tells her to open that door and die. Bani says she came here with her to save her family but she won’t open this door and says if she wants she can get her power by killing her. Maarkat says she did everything to open this door only and reveals her secret to her saying there is two Maarkat and says Bani has two mother in laws and laughs at her. Bani shocks seeing them together. Veer reaches the forest and searches Bani. Jay comes there. Veer asks Jay about Bani. Jay says he just send Bani’s family to their house.

Veer says what happened in the house. Jay says seems like Bani made deal with Maarkat that’s why she left everyone and says Bani was right that Maarkat can be in two places at same time. Maarkat says she hided this place from everyone so Veer can’t find Bani. Jay and Veer could not able to find the place and wonders why it’s not visible to them now. Veer blames Jay and argues with him. Maarkat attacks Bani. Bani prays to God and asks him to show path to her. Shivji talks to her and gives power to her. Bani attacks them using her power and traps them. They pleads her to forgive them and suddenly starts to laugh saying she can’t stop them from opening that door. Bani says Shivji will stop them. Then Shivji kills Maarkat. Veer runs towards another door to save Bani. Then he and Jay starts to fight with each other. Bani moves towards that magical door and that door opens for her.

Bani enters the place through that magical door and gets happy seeing that place. She hears voice and that voice tells her that she got chance to enter this place because of her good doings and says this place is Kailash. That voice tells her to close her eyes and gives special power to her saying she can see a mishap before it happens. That voice says she can use this power whenever she wants and tells her to close her eyes again. When Bani opened her eyes she sees herself in her house.

Tappish tells Bani that Veer went to search her. Bani gets emotional seeing her family but they doesn’t remembers anything. Ritu goes to start marriage preparations of Meera and Taapish. Veer and Jay gets relieved seeing Bani. Bani notices wounds on their faces and asks what happened to them. They admits that they fought with each other. She tells them to go to their rooms. She takes Meera with her and asks did Ritu forced her for this marriage. Meera says Taapish is really good guy and she likes him. Bani gets excited and was about to hug her but shocks seeing her dead body in front of her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Bani shocks seeing Veer dying.