Naagin 5 Upcoming Story : Bani traps Mayuri and Shukla

Nagin 5 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On
Nagin 5 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Nagin 5 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Episode begins with Balwant asks Veer to control the red stone instead of playing with them. Veer was about to attack by that stone. Balwant says that stone will listen only to Veer and tells him to say the mantra which he learned in his childhood. Veer leaves from there because he doesn’t know anything and Bani wonders why he left instead of helping his family. Jay reaches Bani’s house and meets Sakura. Sakura tells the situation to Jay and asks him to tell the solution.

Jay says it’s happening because of Sakura and says he can’t help him. Sakura says Jay is useless and tells him to leave from there. Bani thinks there is only one way exists to help them and by using her power she helps them without their knowledge. Sakura sees that hiding from there and thinks she is the first one who is helping her enemies. Balwant and others escapes from that stone. Bani hides that stone in the cupboard again. She recalls what Balwant told about that stone and wonders how that stone listened her and Veer doesn’t even know that stone’s name. She also recalls Veer’s strange behavior towards her. She thinks what if this is not original Veer and wonders how to know the truth of him.

Bani arranges dinner date and says it should have done by Veer but she is doing here. Veer asks why would he do that for her when she hates him. She says she hates him but he loves her not just in this birth, also in the past. He says but she killed him in the past. She gives the drink to him but he denies to take it and tells her to drink first. She thinks she doesn’t drinks and in drunken state what if she tells the truth to him so pours the drink aside without his knowledge. She tries to test him by asking so many questions. He tells her all the replies correctly because Jay told him everything already. When she lies to him about their one of the incident he agrees with her. And with this she gets to know that he is not original Veer and wonders how he knows about their past.

Balwant wonders why Veer didn’t saved them in the beginning itself. Daksh says he was just playing with them but at end he is the one who saved them. Bani overhears them and thinks she saved them not Veer. Balwant tells his family that they has to find the red stone first. He says after remembering the past too Veer didn’t killed Bani so they has to kill her first and put the blame on that stone.

Bani informs Meera about duplicate Veer. Meera says she wasn’t this much afraid when original Veer was with her because she believed that Veer will protect her from his family but now she is afraid about her safety. Bani tells her plan to Meera. Bani tells Balwant that she saw how they were flying in the air. Balwant asks Veer about that stone. Bani says that stone fly away from there so they has to find that and says only Veer can control that. Daksh asks how she knows about it. She says she saw how Veer controlled that stone to save his family. Balwant says Bani is right Veer has to find the stone first.

Veer nods at him and wonders what Bani planning now. Bani and Veer leaves from there to the forest to find the red stone. Mayuri informs that to Jay and everyone decides to reach the forest because Sakura can’t control the stone. Priest’s wife tells the importance of that stone to Bani. Bani takes that stone with her and seeing that Mayuri thinks what is she taking with her. Jay plans to trap Bani so he can kill her. Veer calls the stone. Bani asks does he even know how to call that stone. She thinks he is not the original Veer otherwise he would have known that stone is with her. Veer leaves from there without Bani.

Mayuri and Shukla attacks Bani. Bani asks what Mayuri doing. Mayuri says Veer only instructed her to do this. Bani denies to believe her and shocks seeing Shukla there and says he is betraying Balwant. Shukla says she is betraying Balwant by hiding her identity. They traps her in the cage. Shukla tells Mayuri to give respect to Bani saying she is Aadi naagin. Bani shocks hearing him. Mayuri says she too knows Bani’s truth. Bani thinks to use that red stone against them and says they are trapped here. Mayuri laughs at her. Bani traps them in the cage and mocks them. They yells at her. Mayuri asks how Bani did this with them. Bani thinks red stone saved her.

Precap – Bani follows duplicate Veer and shocks seeing original Veer there.