Naagin 5 Written Update 17th October 2020 : Sakura and Jay fights with each other

Nagin 5 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On
Nagin 5 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Nagin 5 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Episode begins with Jay asks Shukla that is everything going according to their plan. Shulka says everything going right and Sakura identified that Bani is Aadi naagin but he didn’t tell anyone about it. Mayuri asks did anyone suspected Sakura. Shukla says no one did. Jay says because his face looks like how he used to look in past. Mayuri says he still looks hot like how he used to look, and says if she was in the place of Aadi naagin then she would have left Jay for him. She says Sakura should not betray the. Jay says he can’t because his most precious thing is his release and he has that key.He asks what Shakura said about tonight’s plan.

Shukla says he will inform that later. Jay says in 2 days original Veer will die and laughs saying he used to fly a lot but now can’t do anything in front of him. Veer takes Bani to the sky and asks what she wants moon or stars. She says she just wants to see him die nothing else. He says in past too she was behind his death now also same nothing changed and says sky is his place and he can do anything with her from here. She says but he seems tensed instead of her and she is not afraid of anything because she knows to save herself. He says he is going to kill her without touching her.

Jay, Shukla and Mayuri reaches some place. Mayuri asks what they are doing there now. Shukla says Shakura said tonight itself they can kill Bani. He gives knife to Jay and Mayuri and says it’s not a normal one it’s an magical weapon which has poison and it can kill Aadi naagin easily. Shakura drops Bani from sky and smirks seeing her falling down. Mayuri, Jay and Shukla waits for Bani so they can kill her. Before she falls down Veer catches her, seeing that Jay shocks. Shukla takes Jay and Mayuri with him saying they should not stay there.

Veer lands with Bani safely. She asks why being a villian he is trying to become hero and says she would have saved herself and didn’t needed his help. He says when he helped her, she is his wife. He says he is king of sky and that is his place so he can’t attack her there after all he is not a coward. She gets angry hearing him. He says she wants to kill him but she can’t because he didn’t attack her and asks why she thinks she can win against him. She says snakes are always superior to eagles and she can kill him easily and leaves from there.

Bani reaches the house and Veer blocks her way and asks why she said snakes are superior than eagles when God Shiv ji said snakes can’t attack eagles until they gets attacked by them. She says because God believed they will follow his rules not because they doesn’t have the ability to fight against them. He says she was looking beautiful in the sky and starts to flirt with her. She tells him to stop his nonsense and tries to leave from there. But he holds her and says he thought she won’t return but she did seems like she missed him so much. She says she has to finish lot of things after that she will leave from here.

Jay gets angry on Sakura for saving Bani. Mayuri says she was also there then why he is repeating the same thing. He gets angry on Shukla for taking him from there. She says he did the right thing and tells him to imagine what would have happened if Bani saw them there with weapons. Sakura comes there. Seeing him Jay shouts at him. Sakura yells at him saying he is not his servant that he will do whatever he tells him to do. Jay says he has to follow his orders.

Sakura says no one can control him , he will do the things which he wants to do. Jay shows the key to him and warns him to think about his release. They fights with each other. Mayuri and Shukla tries to calm them saying both of them will get what they wants only if they work together.

Veer fights with Bani.When she talked about her privacy, he breaks the door and tells her to change the cloth in anger. She praises Jay which makes him angry and goes to sleep after cursing Jay. Next day, Veer asks Bani to go for romantic death date. That time Balwant comes there and takes Veer with him. Balwant asks Veer about the important red stone. Veer says he doesn’t know about that. Balwant says how is that possible when that stone just listens Veer. Veer says he was busy with his wife and he disturbed him and leaves from there. Bani overhears their conversation.

Veer tells Jay about that red stone and complaints about Balwant saying he yelled at him.Jay goes to temple to search about that red stone but he finds nothing there. Mayuri comes there and says Sakura getting closed to Bani. Priest’s wife overhears everything and feels disappointed for her helplessness. When Bani opens the cupboard that red stone comes outside and she fails to notice that. That stone makes everyone flying in the air. Balwant goes to Veer and tells him to control the stone and that stone captures Balwant too. And Veer just sees everything. Bani who noticed everything wonders why Veer not doing anything and thinks what if he is not original Veer.

Episode ends.