Naagin 5 Written Update 31st October 2020 : Bani seeks Meera’s help to meet Jay

Nagin 5 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On
Nagin 5 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Nagin 5 Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Episode begins with Bani asks why didn’t he asked about the curtain which they used to separate the bed. He says that will be no use because she will lie to him no matter what and he is tired explaining her about his feelings towards her. She says she doesn’t have any feelings for him. He says he knows that she is not even accepting that his feelings are genuine but one day she will accept that.Jay mixes some powerful magical portion in Bani’s house swimming pool. That powers enters Bani’s body who was sleeping. She wakes up and moves towards the door, she tries to fight against that magical power but again that powers enters her body and she comes out.

Jay waits for Bani and thinks today seeing her with him Veer will lose his control and will try to kill Bani and he will get the thing for which he is waiting for years. He gets successful in getting her under his spell and tells her to notice the swimming pool carefully and says she may think to enter the swimming pool. She nods at him and was about to enter the swimming pool but he stops her and tells her to stop her breathing. She does like that. He laughs saying he never thought he can get Aadi naagin under his magical spell like this . She struggles to breath. He says if he wants he can kill her right now but he can’t do that for his win and tells her to sit normal. He orders her to attack Veer when he comes outside. Then he tells her to call Veer. She shouts Veer’s name.

Veer comes out hearing her voice. Jay tells her to come towards him and smile at him. He holds her and was about to push her in the swimming pool knowing Veer watching them. Veer saves Bani by holding her and yells at Jay. He says didn’t forget what Jay did with him. Jay says Bani living with Veer because of compulsion and tells Bani to commit suicide in his mind. Bani pushes Veer and takes the knife which was there and says she will cut her wrist. Jay tells Veer that it’s happening because of him he already told him that she loves him not Veer and now she prefers death than living with him.

Veer takes the knife from her and she tells him to not come close to her saying she hates him. He warns Jay to leave from there before he kill him. Bani tries to stop Jay but Veer holds her and tells her to come to the sense because she is acting like psycho. Jay moves from there and gets annoyed because Veer didn’t attack Bani first and failed his plan and leaves Veer’s house. Bani tells Jay to come back suddenly she comes to her sense and asks what’s happening with her and what is she doing here. Veer gets confused hearing her.

Bani asks what is he doing with her and notices the knife he is holding. She asks is he trying to harm her with this knife and asks why he brought her here at this time. She says she doesn’t remembers anything. He tells her that he didn’t brought her here instead hearing her voice he came here and he saw her with Jay. He says she tried to commit suicide saying she hates him and says she is acting now or she was under the spell that time and moves aside. She takes the knife and without her knowledge she cuts her wrist slightly, seeing that Veer stops her. She comes to sense and says he tried to kill her then he explain she did this and gets worried for her seeing the bleeding. She says if death is the only way to get rid of him then she is ready to die which shocks him.

Jay meets Mayuri and tells her that his plan failed again and she is not doing anything and tells her to marry Ponky. She says she won’t marry that loser. He says she is also not a winner and tells her to marry him so he can enter this house. Veer gives handkerchief to Bani and tells her that from now he won’t ask her to promise him and he promises her that he won’t let her meet Jay no matter what. Next day, Mayuri talks about her and Ponky’s marriage celebration to everyone. Veer’s cousins gets excited and says they will celebrate bachelor’s party first. Mayuri taunts Bani saying how they enjoyed that imposter’s presence in this house. Bani says he was not her type and mocks her. Veer stops Bani from going outside saying she is banned to leave the house.

Later Bani calls Meera tells her about the plan. Meera enters Veer’s house as a dancer and brings the dress for Bani so she can escape from there without Veer’s knowledge. After dance Meera enters Bani’s room. Bani gives her saree to Meera and tells her to wear that. Meera comes out wearing Bani’s saree. Bani tells her to not afraid, she will come back after meeting Jay and tells her to go to Veer if anyone else from this family saw her face then. Meera says Veer already helped her once but why Bani is so sure that Veer will save her again going against his family. Bani says she doesn’t know all that and leaves from there. She was about to open the gate but Veer stops her saying she can’t escape from him saying she can hide her face to him but her eyes are enough for him to identify her. Bani shocks hearing him.

Episode ends.